Lost Ark now adds over 530,000 concurrent users on Steam

Lost Ark, the new MMORPG from Smilegate and Amazon Games, is already raging on Steam.

Although it is available for free in the format free to play Starting Friday, February 11, the number of users who have opted into any of the four Founder’s Packages with Advanced Access will exceed half a million.

There are currently over 218,000 players playing Lost Ark on Steam, but peak concurrent players yesterday, the first day of Early Access, surpassed 532,000 users.

The opinion of the same people is also very positive, adding more than two thousand reviews with an “extremely positive” rating.

Lost Ark is a kind of Diablo-like action MMORPG puzzle, with raids and PvP combat. It was first released in late 2019 in South Korea and has since turned into a huge hit in various Asian markets. It is now also available in the West, in the hands of Amazon, and it seems that its popularity will compete with that of the great exponents of the genre.

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