Lost Ark – Mokoko Seeds: where you are and all the rewards

The ace Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds they are a type of collectible that you will find on different continents, and although their numbers often appear in hard to find areas.

Lost Ark has a total of 1,200 Mokoko Seeds, and you can redeem them for unique rewards at specific intervals.

Pointing out each and every one of the locations is something impractical for a single guide, but to help you, let us point out where to find mokoko seeds easilyat the beginning of the departure, in addition to advice on how to find mokoko seeds in general, in addition to awards by Mokoko Seeds that you will get as you go along.

What are Mokoko Seeds and how many Mokoko Seeds are there in Lost Ark

Mokoko Seeds with a collection of green, with a small hoja coming out of its interior.

The game description states that a giant from Tortoyk has scattered mokoko seeds around the world after a shocking clash, and while in theory giant mocos aren’t very desirable, it’s certain that one of the merchants of Tortoyk searches for the 1,209 Mokoko seeds that exist all over the world.

All you have to do is meet them and interact with them. They will fly to Villa Mokoko in Tortoyk so you can deliver them (you won’t have the option until you leave the first continent).

How to easily find Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark

The problem is, of course, to meet them all. Mokoko seeds are rarely in sight, and nearly every map (including towns) has anywhere from five seeds to a dozen or more.

As a general rule, the Mokoko seeds are now in a certain limitation, such as a wall, fence, or object. Some are hidden within sender borders, while others are hidden behind a large rock, statue, or something similar.

Others are hidden in closed or hard-to-reach areas. If there’s a spot on the map where you can interact with the environment, chances are there’s at least one Mokoko Seed nearby.

The small size of Mokoko Seeds makes it easy to walk up high, although if you get close enough an “Interact” notice will appear. Once they’ve met, a green seed icon will appear on the map, and it’ll also light up green once you’ve interacted with them.

You can check how many seeds you have in total and what your next seed goal is (along with a summary of the seeds in each region) in the Collectibles menu in the Adventure party.

Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s help find Mokoko Seeds from the early maps of Lost Artk, to the Saland Hills of Judea.

Where are the Prideholme Mokoko Seeds

The two that appear next to the cathedral are next to a secret room. Go to Padre Varut, turn towards the exit and go towards the wall. You will enter a secret area with two Mokoko Seeds.

Where are Loghill’s Mokoko Seeds

Some of the seeds in Loghill can be hard to find, plus you won’t have full access to the area until you complete a mission and face the first boss.

For example, the one in the middle of the map is obscured by trees, while the other two you see are obscured by a tree near a cow that you need to climb.

Where are the Mokoko seeds from Mount Anguemos

The seeds in this area are easy to find, there is nothing special to do.

The Lost Ark is here! We are working on guides to help you identify some important techniques such as the Power Pass or collectible Mokoko Seeds.

We also have several guides to find and reach endgames of the principle of the game like Rudric, the Giant of Sal or even Rovlen.

So that you don’t lose the secrets of the game, we will help you find the secret area of ​​Dalian forest and the secret area of ​​Rambután forest.

Where are the seeds of Mokoko de Frontera de Rethramis

The Rethramis Front has three very hidden seeds. Just as you’re covered in surroundings, you’ll need to zoom in with the rat to see them.

Three of the white areas on the map can be accessed from the southeast corner of the cemetery, interacting with the indicator to get on the sidewalk. Two seeds are on the south side of the border and the third is on the south side of the tree.

Where are the Saland Hill Mokoko Seeds

Saland’s Colina seeds are also unique. Almost everything is outside the walls and other objects in the environment, but here it stands out more with the color of the area.

List of rewards for Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Once you have arrived at Mokoko Village in Tortoyk and have enough Mokoko Seeds, you can start receiving rewards.

  • Totoma Card – 50 Seeds
  • Poción de Amabilidad – 100 seeds
  • Sailor Application Form For Fortaleza: Chicachica – 150 Seeds
  • Poción de Morera de Vitalidad – 200 seeds
  • Sailor Application Form: Cororico – 250 seeds
  • Attribute Enhancement Group – 300 Seeds
  • Mokamoka Card – 350 Seeds
  • Champion of Heaven’s License – 400 seeds
  • 15 Planos de Brahms – 450 seeds
  • Sailor Application Form: Mokamoka – 500 Seeds
  • 3 Polen de Timida Flor de Viento – 550 seeds
  • 20 Plans of Brahms – 600 seeds
  • Sailor Application Form: Poipoi – 650 Seeds
  • Title: Hunter/a Mokoko – 700 seeds
  • Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument – 750 seeds
  • Transformer: Huevo de la Creación – 800 seeds
  • Sailor Application Form for Fortaleza: Paruru Amable – 850 Seeds
  • Wallpaper: Moki Toki – 900 seeds
  • Large Masterpiece #32 – 950 seeds
  • Boat Model: Carabela Florescente – 1000 Seeds
  • Sailor Application Form: Narinari – 1050 seeds
  • Title: Olor Agradable – 1100 seeds
  • Large Masterpiece #44 – 1150 seeds
  • Mokoko Amulet – 1200 seeds
  • Mokoko Raro Emojis Pack – 1250 Seeds

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