Lost Ark Glaivier Release Date, Skills and Everything We Know

loose The lost statue of Glaivier The class is coming soon, Smilegate announced in a recent blog post, and it changes the way martial arts classes precede the game. Glaivier is an advanced class that specializes in two weapons, and if you may feel tempted to build around one of them, the real benefits come from using both in the right way.

This guide covers everything we know about Glaivier in Lost Ark so far, including when they arrive at the game and what they can expect from them in battle.

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When is the launch date for Lost Ark Glaivier?

The Smilegate blog post only mentioned that Glaivier will launch in April or May along with Destroyer. The new update is expected to launch around April 15, so provided these dates do not change, we’ll see Glaivier make his debut sometime in April with South Vern and some other additions. The Destroyer follows in May with some new Guardian Raids.

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What was Glaivier in the Korean launch of Lost Ark?

The believer in the Korean version of Lost Ark was called the Lance Master. Due to what Smilegate has shown so far about the western version of the class, it seems that nothing has changed except the name. The competencies are the same,

Lost Ark Glaivier Guide

The Glaivier uses a firing and a shot and switches between the Focus and Flurry positions to inflict damage and launch more powerful attacks with a wider range of influences. Unlike Pistolero and its three positions, we encourage you to build around Glaivier’s two positions.

Smilegate says the best way to use Glaivier is to accumulate energy with one position before switching to another, so you’ll get an increase in stats. Without restrictions, it’s still a little bit certain how it works, as well as what type of increase in statistics you will get.

What are Glaivier’s abilities in Lost Ark?

The Glaivier has about 22 abilities in total, and all become moving and beat your enemies multiple times. Half Moon Slash, for example, will advance you as you pull your shot to the ground before hitting several times and ending up with a cut at the top of your head. Glaivieren also has access to some defensive moves, such as Dragonscale Defense, which takes the damage and creates the opportunity for counter-attacks.

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All current skill descriptions are called “launch” instead of launch and games, so we are not sure if this is just a translation error, or if the job position will also have its own set of skills.

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