Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Location – Where’s It?

Searching for Location of Lost Ark Drumbeat Island? Drumbeat Island is just one of the fantastic sites in Drumbeat Island. It is always worth taking the time to venture through the islands and search every inch of them as if it were a true explorer.

There are many places to explore in Lost Ark. This massive online multiplayer action RPG is full of mysterious islands to find, castles to explore, enemies to meet and aliens to create. One of the best ways to find any of these things is to explore a whole new place with Valentine, so here’s the Drumbeat Island location.

If you do not want to venture out alone, why not recommend a mount or a companion? You can change it how to unlock new brackets or you can learn how to get a turtle buddy. There are many different tools to choose from.

Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Location – Where’s It?

You can find the location of Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark on the map later.

If you’re still having a hard time finding the island, we’ll show you here how to find it. Directions to North Vern. Once in North Vern, you will travel directly east along the ocean and eventually meet Drumbeat Island.

Drumbeat Island is also located northeast of Death’s Hold Island and northeast of Fortuna Island.

Once you have explored Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark, you may want to explore more islands. With our guides you can cheat how to get to Forest’s Menuet on Lullaby Island o la location on Tooki Island. One of the biggest parts of Lost Ark is to venture out into the unknown, so here we go!

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