Lost Ark – Dalian Mountain Secret Zone: where you are and the mission rewards

The Secret of Dalian Forest is a Lost Ark mission. If completed, you will provide experience and rewards.

In Lost Ark, you will find that some missions only start after reaching the correct item. Some of these missions will take you to hidden places to find treasures.

The Secret of Dalian Fortress is one of those missions, and you can also complete it alone. Not only will you need to get the right item to start with, but you’ll need to find a hidden location that doesn’t appear on your map.

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How to start The Secret of Dalian Forest mission

Accompanying the mission “The Secret of Dalian Mountain”, will ask you to find a secret place in the Florecient River, in Eastern Lutheran. The nearest teletransport is Sien Inn.

The condition to start this mission is to find Connie’s Llave del Almacén del Huerto. You can collect it by killing the Gorgojos del Huerto, creatures similar to the scavengers you find in Sien Inn. It can be difficult to kill several of them because the percentage of probability to press the key is random.

When you use Connie’s Llave del Almacén del Huerto, the mission “El Secreto del Huerto de Dalian” will be added to your journal. Now we have to figure out how to do it.

Where is the Dalian Valley secret area

The secret area of ​​Huerto de Dalian is at Huerto Floreciente.

Teleport to Sien Inn and go west until you find a small cuesta. Go down and reach a small cabin with a glowing circle on the ground.

Open the door and talk to Marco to complete the mission.

The Lost Ark is here! We are working on guides to help you identify some important techniques such as the Power Pass or collectible Mokoko Seeds.

We also have several guides to find and reach endgames of the principle of the game like Rudric, the Giant of Sal or even Rovlen.

So that you don’t lose the secrets of the game, we will help you find the secret area of ​​Dalian forest and the secret area of ​​Rambután forest.

Awards of El Secreto del Huerto of Dalian

By completing “The Secret of Dalian Fortress”, you will receive experience, money and a box with a selection of epic battle items. You can only get one of the items in the box.


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