Lost Ark – Chief Rudric: where the boss appears, the strategy and the rewards

Rudric is a leader who appears in one of the first areas of Lost Ark.

Be sure to research your location, as dropping bosses will net you some cool rewards. Although he is a level 17 boss, he is a tough opponent and he may not dare to fight alone.

On this page we will explain where Rudric appearsfinally rewards for visiting Rudric and, of course, tips for coming to battle.

On this page you will find:

Rudric – location and appearance

Rudric is a level 17 leader that you will find in Frontera de Rethramis, one of the zones of Rethramis.

This boss spawns west of Regria Monastery in the graveyard. The easiest way to get there is to teleport to your own monastery.

Rudric returns every 30 minutes. It is important to know that Lost Ark has several channels for each area, which in practice work as separate instances.

If you’re in the right place but Rudric hasn’t appeared yet, you can go to another channel to see if he’s there. You’ll know Rudric is there when a red mark appears on the ground that tells you where it is.

Rudric – strategy and how to approach Rudric

Rudric is a giant demon with a huge guadaña. You need to be careful not only of the leader’s attacks, but also of the small demons that will appear in the area.

When it comes to his attacks, Rudric is pretty straightforward, and fighting him in melee or ranged combat is similar. The demon has a conical frontal attack with little attack that should be easy to avoid. It’s fast, but the area is so small that you should have no trouble getting rid of it.

Rudric’s main ability is a circular area attack that will scare you if you hit. To fight against this boss, it is important to remember that you have two options to escape this attack.

The first is to lack range. The second is, curiously, placed in the center of the attack, because at this time it does not hurt.

This boss follows the style of others like the Salt Giant which has one aggressiveness Random. He will roam the map and change the objective player from time to time. If Rudric has chosen you as a prisoner, don’t leave him alone. Be very careful, about everything with Miedo’s attacks.

Another aspect of this game that is important to keep in mind is that you will encounter lesser demons in the area. When fighting Rudric, groups of demons will appear and attack all players. Intent to clear them with area attacks.

The Lost Ark is here! We are working on guides to help you identify some important techniques such as the Power Pass or collectible Mokoko Seeds.

We also have several guides to find and reach endgames of the principle of the game like Rudric, the Giant of Sal or even Rovlen.

So that you don’t lose the secrets of the game, we will help you find the secret area of ​​Dalian forest and the secret area of ​​Rambután forest.

Rudric – awards

Derrotar Rudric will give you epic gear and an epic suitcase.

When you open it, you’ll receive more gear, a map, supplies, and a map for a secret location. Without further ado, you will only get the box the first time you encounter this boss.

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