Lost Ark becomes the second most played game in Steam history

Lost Ark, the new MMORPG from Smilegate and Amazon Games, has entered early access with a large number of concurrent users on Steam. Last Friday, February 11, the final version was released, and over the weekend the game set records: its peak maximum concurrent users was 1,325,305, thus convincing in the second game with more users at the same time of Steam history.

Superior, in this way, is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (with a maximum of 1,308,963) and Dota 2 (with a maximum of 1,295,114). In first position, without restriction, remains PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, with 3,257,248 users.

The massive success of Lost Ark also generated a number of issues with servers and players getting in the game. On Friday alone, the development team was forced to delay the game’s launch by an hour due to “implementation issues”, and yesterday the official Lost Ark blog announced that it plans to expand its servers to increase capacity in Central Europe.

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