Los Sims 4 White Expansion Won’t Release In Russia Due To Anti-LGBT Laws

The next expansion for Los Sims 4, centered on whiteswill not launch in Russia due to its anti-LGBT laws.

The Russian government approved a law in 2013 which they say serves to “protect children from homosexual content”.

The expansion that EA and Maxis are set to launch on February 17 includes stories of same-sex marriages, as shown in the trailer. Instead of adapting the content to the Russian market, Maxis insisted on keeping it and not launching the game in that country.

In a communicatedthe development team explained the situation: “Over the years, we have been fascinated by how your Sims have found love and celebrated that love through white in the base game. We have also shared your victories with the Walk to the Altar, make your Sims feel and stop crying as you pledge for life.”

The expansion, in essence, follows the story of two women who marry, Dom and Cam. “Her love story reflects the vivid experiences of many of our team and community members. As we progress through the development of the story, we care that the way we want to tell her story will not cannot be shared freely in the world. […]

“We’re companies that deliver on that commitment, celebrating stories like Dom and Cam, so we’ve made the decision to refrain from releasing the DLC in countries where the story would need to change to fit the laws.”


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