Los jugadores de Warzone affirman que los piratas informaticos «descarados» están ruinando los parties

The battle between Activision and Warzone hackers continues. Despite the addition of the Ricochet anti-cheat at the beginning of the Pacífico era, legitimate players who entered Battle Royale continue to encounter cheats.

With the attention on the launch of Season 5, the sudden increase in the number of cheaters ruining the parties is a concern as players try to qualify for the Warzone World Series.

Aunque el equipo detrás de Ricochet applies updates regularly to prevent cheaters from filtering through the web, but one player believes that “descarados” hackers are appearing in more games than ever before.

Tramposos «descarados» and todos los juegos de Warzone

After participating in various parties for the past few weeks, Reddit user «Puzzleheaded_Ad3627» says that hackers are now appearing in all game modes instead of focusing their efforts on Caldera Island.

In a now-eliminated publication, the player who witnessed a suspected computer hacker causing 30 deaths during a lonely party at Fortune’s Keep confirms that “anti-tramp and all this engine game is a complete joke” .

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Otros jugadores están acuerdo con la declaración del jugador. One commenter explained how they found a player who did not suffer any kind of injury in a body-to-body shootout. “Me acerqué mucho a él y las balas simplemente lo traversaron”. Another fan who participated in the Titanium Trials also encountered problems. “Acabo de tener un tramposo lleno de ira. Ricochet ciertamente no lo estaba atrapando”.

Ricochet tiene el poder de volver invisible a los tramposos as well as disarming them to avoid causing damage. Syndembargo, aquellos que usan trucos para ver través de las paredes todavía están cause chaos.

Desde la llegada de Ricochet, the amount of trampos has been significantly reduced, but much is superan las medidas, it is very frustrating for aquellos que desean una una experiencia sin trapas. With the release of Warzone 2 later this year, many are hoping that the anti-cheat can prevent hackers from ruining another Call of Duty Battle Royale.

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Considering that another season of the Pacific era is left, we hope that Activision and Raven Software can take drastic measures against hackers again. For more information, be sure to consult our guide showing the best Warzone sniper rifle to use.

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