Los classifications de la Serie Mundial de Warzone destroyed by controversy

After a short hiatus, the World Series of Warzone (WSOW) returns to action. The tournament is one of several tournaments sanctioned by Activision, the publisher of Call of Duty, and features the best players from North America and Europe competing for thousands of dollars in prizes.

In addition to some of the best players receiving direct invitations to the main event, the WSOW Playlist gives everyone the opportunity to secure a spot in the next phase of the competition.

Due to the large number of points, algunos members of the community use all types of controversial tactics to gain advantages over the opposition.

Questionable tactics affect WSOW qualification

According to a professional player from Warzone Ethan “Fifakill” Rosa, players use a variety of tactics that include transmitting snipers and even joining their friends’ parties and allowing them to score as many kills as possible. In addition, Fifakill confirms that quienes usan las tácticas son jugadores que a menudo compiten en torneos de alto riesgo.

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“Some of the things I see from this WSOW classification are very sad,” says the player, who regularly faces the best players on the planet. “This sends a terrible message to people who really intend to qualify”.

Use a VPN to finish Warzone games where the average death-to-death ratio is not new. Los jugadores a menudo affirman que los jugadores professionales usan uno, but muchos lo niegan al demonstra que no hay una VPN activate cuando ingresaan a los partieso.

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The same tactics have also affected the region of North America. Instead of criticizing those who use VPN first, Average JoeWo recall a cualquiera que brug la táctica que «tendrá que jugar un party personalized against démon que realente disparan».

Activision has not commented on the situation, but with several high-profile names bringing attention to the issue, it is very likely that some form of intervention will emerge to guarantee that the top 40 teams from the playlist make it to the next stage of the competition.

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