Loop Hero: How to get time to win for lunch

Tips on how to get this “time for lunch” fast.

Timely performance guide for lunch


The game is a lot of fun so you may need a few races to win. If you are not yet familiar with the game, I recommend that you first learn the basic mechanics of the game.


Pull these cards back from the beginning mazo: Treasure (this race is about success, no resources), Beacon (no more speed required), Vampire Manson (get the best result without him).

Preparing territory for Lich

When Lich shows up, it shows up in your camp and builds about 9 × 9 parts of the temple. Each part of the temple increases Lich’s strength by 5%. To prevent parts of the temple from being destroyed, these walls need to be filled with something. I recommend Pongas Grove on the trail and Spider Cocoon, Road Lantern, Meadows around it. You can also use Oblivion to remove parts of the temple according to Lich’s appearance.

It is not necessary to complete it in the first few books because you can do it just before you invite Lich. But then you have to keep some monster camp cards for it.

Preparation of maps

Main part:

For each lump, Lich comes back stronger. Then go to the boss as soon as possible. At the same time, you must survive and reach Lich with maximum phone. That means you have to place as many cards as you can, but do not overdo it with monsters.

Here is my card:

At one point, I felt like the monsters were hurting me terribly. So I removed a few puffins near my camp.

You can keep the cards and use them at the end of your last book to summon Lich. If you have not filled in a 9 × 9 square around your campsite, you can do so before inviting. Removed a few arboledas so you need to set up cemeteries just before generating Lich.

My card after using all my cards to invoke Lich:

Additional tips:

  • No more than a cemetery: the skeletons hit MUY hard.
  • If the monsters attack you and lose too much hp, eliminate one or two of the monsters’ nails and get some regeneration items for sanar.
  • Place Battlefield at the beginning of your path, after your camp. Allows you to get good articles at the beginning of each cycle.
  • Do not exaggerate, monster camps together. Use a lantern to limit the size of the group of monsters.
  • Coloque cliffs and mountains in a 3 × 3 square to create Mountain Peak: will give you a lot of health.
  • Follow Rocks and Mountains for the best possible health. Set Meadow with something that does not make it bloom. Blooming Meadow restores multiple phones.
  • For every 10 cliffs and mountains that are located, a Goblin Camp will be created. A forgetfulness to eliminate it. If you’re not sure you can handle Goblinds, stay with the Rock / Mountain maps until Oblivion tells you to.

Sufficient gear

Without the right team, you can not get to Lich.

When I say “basic weapon damage”, I mean basic weapon damage, not the additional damage to the weapon or other elements.

1-4 buckles:

  • Restore priority statistics articles:
  • Regeneration> Basic Damage> Defense> Evasion> Everything Else

Restore as much regeneration as you can. 2.5 and more will be great.

4-5 buckles:

  • Follow at least one article with 10% avoidance or more. Then I continue to prioritize the statistics:
  • Regeneration> Basic Damage> Defense> Evasion> Everything Else

6-7 bucle:

  • Find out how you feel. If you lose too much hp, get more regeneration and eliminate one or two enemy camps with Oblivion.
  • Save the evasion articles, but do not miss them. One can at least disappear and get too good statistics.

If you have a full hp, you can reuse some regeneration items with evasion.

Bog 7-8-9:

  • Prepare articles for Lich’s fight. You need 25-30% or more evasion to avoid Lich. Just before the match, highlight elements that prioritize statistics:
  • Evasion> Weapon Damage> Regeneration> Vampirism> Everything Else


My stats for Lich Fight (around 1300 hp in total):

Rich statistics in this file:



It took me a while to try different strategies before I finally got this feat. Then I used my strategy again and killed Lich on the first expedition once more. So you can test its applicability.

You can still lose the fight because the evasion is random. But do not hesitate and come back to try it!

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