Loop Hero: How to get the maximum camping support

This guide reviews some tricks to build more barracks than is usually possible, and increases the available supply to 372 or more.

Get the maximum camp guide (372+)

Who is this guide for?

Completing the camp with Mud Huts (and then updating them to Houses) is the purpose of the afternoon game for Loop Hero.

It will show you how to take your camp call to 372 without leaving access to all the cards, or worse, if you find that it does not pay to have access to some cards.

This guide will not go into the best way to obtain resources to achieve this goal, it is intended for those who are really looking for Min / Max in their camp when the resources are sufficient enough to build everything and everything.

You can see how close you are to 372 Supplies from your Mud Hut account (112 Houses = 336, more than the supply of other buildings):

Build more bar choices than is usually possible

If you want TL; DR in this guide, this is the only section you need to understand how to maximize your summary.

I made a chart showing additional areas that can and cannot be built.

In Purpura (and Amarillo) you can see all the built-in places that the game does not make clear.

To build here, play in window mode and click to embed the last pixel on the side of the window edge. There are visual comments once the building is installed and you can choose (to update or tear down).

Discover that the Windowed 4x is the most reliable when you try to click on these sites.

The red shows areas that cannot be built, the north and west sides of the camp do not have building mosaics, but make sure I tried to make clicks in these areas with very difficult access.

By using this you can get the sum of your camp up to 360 while it also has all the other buildings.

Do the fields also have gardens outside the borders?

You can see that I in blue-green put the selector that shows the field that is located outside the boundaries. I tried to put a garden here will create gardens in all red areas, do NOT put gardens. (Although nearby residential areas will be overgrown with gardens if they are not occupied)

I tried to put seeds in all the purple places and none of them created Gardens closer to there.

Placing your farm (to access wheat fields and cook) has no benefit if it is located outside the boundaries and can be located anywhere you want.

Of course you have all the mosaics full of buildings or houses, but you want more.

Here are some suggestions for other buildings that can be demolished and rebuilt with fully improved barracks for maximum availability of supplies.

First, tear down the Watchtowers. The guards do not scale it well enough in high corners, and when playing as Nigromante, it is much better to have Skeleton Archers or Mages in these rooms. (Skeleton magicians are essential to performing Battlefield while playing Necromancer).

In addition to its poor staircase, it provides poorer access to Supplies when fully updated than a bar Choza.

Having access to an extra item, as the house is a better option and from access to up to 3 pieces of furniture, which in my opinion is more powerful than the tools, which is a bit likely, there is a limit in any of the categories, but most of the furniture is infinitely scaled (Condes chair, old shelf, alquimista’s desk).

This is my personal construction: Access to all maps and skills, no watchtowers, 372 Suministro.

372 Suministro? Can’t we get more?

If you really want the absolute maximum supply, you can start tearing down other buildings that will provide very little during the game.

My personal suggestion is that once you have created literally hundreds of all the elements in the game, repeat the three that allow you to create elements.

  • The Leñador can tear down if you do not plan to build more furniture for a net sum of +3.
  • The farm can be demolished if you do not plan to produce more food and do not use the wheat fields on expedition cards for a net supply of +3.
  • The Smithy (Decent Forge) can be torn down if you do not plan to make more tools and do not use the Smith’s Forge card on expeditions to achieve a net sum of +2.

All other buildings provide short or fairly basic skills, but feel free to go crazy!

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