Loop Hero – How to change the speed of the game

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A brief description of how to speed up the game by editing the variables.ini file.

Edit the game speed guide

Find the game rug

In your Steam library, find the Loop Hero game and click the right button to open the context menu and select “Properties”.

When the new window opens, go to the Local Files tab and click “Examine”

Edit the Variables.ini file

Once inside the game rug, look for the variables.ini file at the bottom of the Loop Hero rug and browse through a text editor.

Find the line

the speed of the game

This can be changed to change the speed of the game, by default it is set to 60.

Change the speed from 60 to 120 to duplicate the actual speed of the game.

This will make the normal speed of the game look like x2.

And x2 will now be converted to x4.

Once the changes have been made, save the file and start the game.

Once in the game, you can see in the bottom right corner if the changes were kept correctly; it will now show that the .ini file has been modified.

As of the current 1,003 park, performance is not blocked from modifying this file so that performance can still be achieved as it normally would.

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