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A complete set for Rogue en Loop Hero.

Guía de pícaro

This is significant

Rogue works with a loot system based on trophies. Recoges trofeos mientras matas enemigos y cuando regressas a tu acogedor campamento, intercambias todos los trofeos a la vez por una pile de bootín. This means it’s better to concentrate on strong enemies instead of gathering groups with low HP.

Mientras juegas al Pícaro, you can equip 2 weapons, 1 pair of boots, a piece of breast armor and an amulet (you have placed an Arsenal card which is a golden card).

El pícaro can receive the following stats on his equipment:

  • Damn
  • Damage to all
  • Evade (%)
  • critical opportunity (%)
  • attack speed
  • Counter attack (%)
  • defense
  • critical damage (%)
  • Magic HP (Con arsenal)

I’m sure there are a few different forms of play with Rogue, but the form I’ve been playing is centered around accumulating Evasion and Vampirism, with Crit Chance coming in third.


My list of personal information for Rogue

Reasoning for placements in the list of levels

Demanding – S

In general, only le proporcia un equipment much mejor más rápido de lo que lo obtendria otra manera.

Viejas cicatrices – A

Si bien es mucho mejor dependent de qué tan pronto lo obtenga, le leterábia acumular hp infinitamente.

Alboroto – B

La reducción de daños te ayuda a mantenterte con vida every time que los golps terminan pasando por tu evasión.

Marauder – C

Un poco de equipo extra, great pair with Picky.

Nada es sagrado – C

Sostener, that’s really all.

Fatal Weakness – D

Considering this is only a 2.5% probability at 50% hp, I don’t see it as a surprising move.

Fencing master – D

Te ayuda a despejar packages.

Llamada del bosque – E

Realmente no veo mucho uso para esto, aparece cuando quiere, por lo general muere mue rápido.

Carterista – F

Personally, I have never tried to accumulate Counter in the Rogue, I encounter the desire to accumulate Evasion, crítico en almost todos los juegos.

List of rasgos de pícaro

vieja’s cicatrices

  • Max hp is increased by 1 for each trophy received.

fencing master

  • 10% chance to attack two targets simultaneously.


  • Fighting 3 or more enemies will give you an extra trophy.

Nada is sacred

  • +3 hp after a death.


  • Después de perder el 20% de su HP maximo en la batalla, el héroé evadirá todos los ataques during 2 seconds.


  • 50% chance to steal a resource fragment from an enemy while fighting.


  • Reduce the amount of items received in the camp tiles to 3 while increasing the quality of the trophy exchange.

niño del bosque

  • First class wolf puede acudir en tu ayuda durante la battle (75% probability).


  • The hero takes 7% less damage for each enemy, starting after the second enemy.

Weakness deadly

  • Every 10% of HP lost gives you a 0.5% chance to instantly deal 1000% damage.


Using the following mosaics:


  • Entonces puedes equipar un amuleto para magia hp.

Deserts / Dunes

  • Para reducir la salud de los enemigos (y la tuya, sin embargo, esto no afecta el hp mágico de tu amuleto).

Bosques / Matorrales

  • Accumulating attack speeds so you can kill everything really fast.

Entonces solo querrás apilar tanto las Dunas como los Matorrales, ya que tienen los aumentos de statistics más altos que los Desertos / Bosques. The equipment is the best possible equipment and debreia is ready to comment.

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