Logan Paul used a Pokémon card to enter WrestleMania 38

Logan Paul has become a big fan of buying chrome Pokémon in recent years, but many fans will still be surprised to see him use a very expensive Pikachu chrome during WrestleMania 38. Apparently, this chrome Pikachu chrome is one of the Pokémon. date, and Logan Paul decided to use a game show to celebrate the occasion.

This was Paul’s second appearance in WrestleMania, but it was also his first match as he teamed up with The Miz to beat Dominik and Rey Mysterio in a team match. Fans will be happy to know that the expensive Pokémon card did not suffer any damage during the match, and that Paul even performed some impressive fighting moves.

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Logan Paul used a Pokémon card to enter WrestleMania 38

Paul’s luck with Pokémon cards has not been as good as his current WWE story. They were tricked into spending millions on buying a box of Pokémon cards without opening, but they ended up having GI Joe cards. If the influencer is good and no money problems, we hope it does not happen to him or anyone else.

Logan Paul will be a DLC character for WWE 2K22 as part of the Whole Dam Pack, which launches on July 19th. Hopefully this has something to do with some sort of battle between Logan Paul and The Miz, as the latter faced the former after they continued to win.

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