lockers, security codes / combinations and Leon lockers

A guide on how to open powerful boxes and cabinets in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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How to unlock Leon’s locker

  • MRG – Code to unlock the right side.
  • DOWN Code to unlock the locked page.

When you unlock Leon’s locker, you get a high-capacity charger (gun).
But if you’re Claire, you get a Speed ​​Reloader (Revolver).

How to unlock cabinets

  • DCM – Combination with the casillero on the third floor.
  • CAP Combination with casillero on the second floor (shower).
  • SZF – Combination for casillero in Superior sewer control room.

How to open strong boxes

  • L9, R15, L7 – West office, first floor (in the strong box you will find a desk).
  • L6, R2, L11 : ala este, waiting room (finds a mouth brake or an extended charger).
  • L2, R12, L8 – The treatment pool room (you will find a shovel bag or a bag for the frame).

Note: L and R mean right and left.

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