Location of Elden Ring Glue Digging Map Fragments (East and West)

When you start the Fire Ring for the first time, you will notice that the card is a bit cluttered. The work is done, but it is incredibly basic. Well, that result is not the true aspect of the map. This guide will take you to where you need to be find fragments of the map of Limgrave in Elden Ring.

All locations of Elden Ring Limgrave map fragments

Glue trenches are the first area you encounter after leaving the starting area of ​​the Elden Ring. It will not be too late to search, as there are only two fragments of the map of Limgrave waiting to be found, one on the east side and the other on the west. If there are treacherous enemies between the two fragments of the map, Torrent can easily take you between the two with minimal damage.

Location of the map fragment of Limgrave West

The West Limgrave map fragment will be the first you can find. This is a direct image of Iglesia de Elleh Sitio de Gracia. You will want to follow the path north from Elleh Church until you come to a ruin full of cavalry enemies called Ruinas de Gatefront. This is also where you will find the Iron Whetstone article.

Limgrave Map Fragmento West Road

From the place on the map you can clearly see the high monument.

In the picture above you can see the monument directly on the person’s head. This will be the place where you need to arrive. Depending on its skill level, you may only need to apprehend and capture it, there are already many enemies and one patrolling right in front of the monument will summon all the nearby enemies if it is not eliminated quickly enough.

Once the Limgrave map fragment is downloaded, you will see this screen and its map will be updated in a much more detailed and visually appealing version for this area.

Glue Digging Map Fragment Oeste Found

With the map fragment of West Limgrave organized, we now begin our journey to the east.

Location of the map fragment of Limgrave East

From the map fragment you just collected, head east along that path. Sitio de Gracia del Norte del Lago Agheel will be found in front of the checkpoint before a bridge patrolled by a knight on a black horse. In the Site of Grace will be when you want to use Torrent solely to raise the map fragment of East Limgrave.

After the bridge, turn to the exit and continue with the sender. After a bridge with an NPC call, you arrive at the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace. Head south out of here and follow the path, hop over the ruins. At your exit there will be a bear that may or may not be able to start a fight with you, but it is just a bear and should not be too difficult.

A little further from that bear to the right there will be a much larger bear which will definitely go to town in a tree, the fragment of the map of Limgrave will be on the other side of the road.

Glue Grave Map Fragment East Zoomed out

To see where you want to be on the map:

fire ring glue trenches short fragment location

Unlike the previous bear, the big one carrying the tree with a strong passion will not be confronted with less than the attacks or too close to you, so you will have no problem going up to the fragment of the map. You should be right here and you can clearly see the monument on the left.

Once downloaded, look at this screen:

If you have it, Tarnished accompanies everything you need to set up your card with Map fragments of Limgrave east and west in Elden Ring.

If you are looking for more guides that will help you on your journey through the intermediate lands, then you should go to our Elden Ring Guide Wiki. If you have just started the game, we have a list of bosses so you can calculate how many massive matches you can expect.

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