Live location at the Marvelous Merchandise event

Genshin Impact has another useful event for players this month, this time a repeat where players ask where their favorite NPC is. Then it is Location of Life at the Genhsin Impact Marvelous Merchandise Event Is it this time?

The recurring event is a good opportunity to handle a lot of things with a relatively small effort. The mainstay of Liyue, Liben, offers a range of Boxes O ‘Marvels, related to each elemental type. He will ask for a certain amount of generally random and worldly items in exchange for the boxes. The problem is that we do not know where it is. The event lasts a full week in May and each day you can earn a different box. The boxes in question can be from Primogemas, climbing materials and Mora.

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Date and duration of the wonderful marketing event

The Marvelous Merchandise event reaches the end of version 2.6 update and runs from 6 May 2022 to 13 May. The event starts at 10 local time.

How to unlock this amazing trade show

The ‘Unlock’ event is easy. There are no complicated requirements to search in the article. All you need to do is make sure you have at least the adventure rank 12 and then talk to Liben (when we know where it is …)

Liben location and necessary elements for the wonderful Mercancía event

Now for the less complicated ones. The purpose of this event is for the players to retreat to Liben, a kind of hiding place, so to speak. His first appearance made him appear in various cities, but then, in the next event, he was alone in Monstadt. It is likely that he will only return to be in Monstadt this time. No embargo, there is no confirmation of this yet.

So, once you’ve talked to him and the event has started, he’s going to have to bring the resources he’s asking for in exchange for one of his Box O ‘Marvels. This can range from worldly items such as pineapple to specialized items such as Onikabuto in the Inazuma area. Without embargo, do not worry, have not had anything hard to find. Once you have the items, work on them again and select a reward box.

Liben recompensas

The seven different Box O ‘Marvels offered by Liben have a variety of content. All boxes bear the name of the elemental strengths of the game. Remember, you can only get one each day.

You can see and judge the chambers before choosing, but the type of chambers may be random by date. Do not be surprised if his choice differs from the other players’: rattan casillas longest of the week. The boxes can contain XP, materials, talent books or money.

If you are concentrated and can play five Box O ‘Wonders of Liben’ in the same number of days, you will receive a special prize: a Mega Box O ‘Marvels. It has several great rewards and is definitely worth the pen to complete the event on time.

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