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April 6, 2022: Struggling with today’s game? We have the High Score Day answer list right here.

Ready for another online betting game? If the phenomenon of deciphering words by Joshua Wardle made you want a version of the video game, our guide to each one Highest rating day response today you will be saved in the future. This relatively new iteration is like the public test of a player’s dreams, but the answers show no less than the real answers.

The High Score Day itself is called the video game guide game, and that’s exactly what it is. Give and see five screenshots of the game. Eager to identify each High Score Day response and get a perfect score. Fall and lose a life with every wrong assumption. If you’re having trouble with some of the highlights of the day, see our list later.

Are you not satisfied with just a new puzzle? See our list of games like Wordle for each game we cover. For niches like this, our Heardle song guide is a great shout out. And for movie buffs, The Framed Answer Guide is another great picture-based game to download every morning. We even have a track guide marked for that.

What is the answer to the day with the highest score today? – April 6, 2022

  • Photo 1: LA Noire (PS3)
  • Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (Nintendo DS)
  • Crucible for a corpse (PC)
  • Mortal Premonition (Xbox 360)
  • The Legacy of the Colonel (PC)

Today’s pictures are games with crime or detectives. The retro titles for PC that appear in some of today’s High Score Day responses will certainly fall over most players, but others are iconic.

What were the responses from yesterday’s highest scoring day?

  • Image 1: Dead Space (Xbox 360)
  • Image 2: Phantasmagoria (PC)
  • Photo 3: Silent Hill 3 (PS2)
  • Photo 4: Watch Tower (Super Nes)
  • Image 5: Covers of fear (pc)

It is important that you lower the right console so that you can lose a point depending on the console you are using. For example, in picture 4 of Clock Tower you will get a wrong answer if you choose PSX instead of Super Nes, so it takes into account that you have to choose the appropriate console for the game.

How to play High Score Day?

Meanwhile, a Google search for the game can only lead you to a specific point. News publications somehow managed to occupy the top spot in the search results, so you need to visit the High Score Day website via that link to play. If desired, you can bookmark or send the page to the home screen of your phone or tablet, so you can easily access it day after day.

What is the day of the highest score?

If you have come to this page out of sheer coincidence or curiosity, it is possible that you have always been in doubt about what High Score Day is. In a nutshell, this is a game that I hope you know five video games with nothing more than a single image.

  • Verify: our list of world tours for useful tips

As with any game like Wordle, the better performance it is, the more you will share your results on social networks and assume in front of your friends. And if you simply can not support appearing with anything more than a perfect result, just use our answer list for the highest point day to avoid anyone who does not miss anything.

Can I play previous High Score Day games?

From now on, you do not seem to have a way to go back and play the previous High Score Day games.

Every day a new set of High Score Day responses pops up. Not surprisingly, as with many other similar web-based advertising games, you need to use the clock on your system to determine when it’s the next day, so there are many chances that you can pick up the clock on your system to travel essentially in time. It simply takes too much effort to purify the mind.

And that’s all there is to say today about the High Score Day answer list. We do not blame or judge you for wanting to use this site.

The game does not tell you who had the right answers at the end of the day, so this page works not only as a way to close them, but also as a way to discover titles you simply have not seen before. . For more information like this, our list of Hogwartle words serves the obedient Harry Potter community.

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