List of characters from Tower Of Fantasy

Gacha gaming fans should be excited, because a new mobile role-playing game is on the way! Our Characters from Tower of Fantasy The guide will analyze all the judging characters that you can take advantage of in this upcoming Hotta Studio game. It may be reasonably new in the gacha genre, but Tower of Fantasy is doing very well.

This guide will review all the characters currently confirmed to appear in the Tower of Fantasy. We will also include a brief overview of his personality as well as his individual birthdays. Since there is still no jugability, we can not figure out how they will fare in the game, so we hope there are more details in advance.

In the meantime, we have level lists for some of the more popular gacha games available. We have an AFK Arena level list and a Mobile Legends level list, which will keep it occupied for a long time. If Roblox is the tuyo, then a dose of Blox Fruits codes will definitely work.

List of characters from Tower Of Fantasy

Follow the legend to see all the characters in the Tower of Fantasy, as well as a short biography of his personality. Be sure to check back regularly so we update this guide when new operators are confirmed.


Birthdays: October 10th

A reserved member and reasonably far from the list, Meryl works better with a long sword in hand.

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Birthdays: May 10

Samir is one of the most advanced members of the team, but is known for giving bribes. She also uses double pistols in combat.


Birthdays: September 22nd

The group’s scientist, Shiro, is a more defensive person who focuses on the best and on impulses to other team members.

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Birthdays: June 6

Zero, a 15-year-old computer genius, has no threats and is ready to take it all in to get what he wants.

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Birthdays: November 3

Possibly the oldest member of the team, King is withdrawn, engaged and willing to use violence if necessary. Definitely one of the most exciting characters to play!


Birthdays: March 24

The main archer, Tsubasa, uses the forces of ice and wind in his fighting style. Without a doubt, she is more emotionally close than most of the rest of the group.


Birthdays: 1 ° June

He uses an isscepter to fight the enemies, though some members of the team consider him innocent for his own good.


Birthdays: December 17th

Crow is an expert in combat, using two at a time to outsmart enemies. Is that your only loss? His inability to bruise.


Birthdays: May 23

Captured under the control of Ada’s evil heirs, Nemesis was an experiment that went horribly wrong.


Birthdays: May 23

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Shirli is one of the first characters you will encounter in Tower of Fantasy, which saves the player’s character from the beginning. He is also very loyal and is very worried about his family.


Birthdays: 01 February

Frigg is deputy commander of Sage, leader of the Heirs from Ada. It is a sensational fighter who has no remorse.


Birthdays: 12th November

Zeke is Shirli’s big brother and as such is very protective. He is a strong warrior and an enthusiastic fighter, though he sometimes reacts to expressing his feelings.

How do I get more Tower of Fantasy characters?

As a gacha game, there is only one way to get multiple Tower of Fantasy characters: random turns. Given that the game is not finished yet, the details are expensive, but we hope you can buy callers to get the azar from one of the previously mentioned characters. If you want to spend the money you earned through the game in these rounds, with crossed fingers, you get one of the high power characters.

Once the Tower of Fantasy is officially launched and we may have the game in our hands, we will of course have more details on the invocation process. Hopefully there are a number of cards to choose from which random odds to buy, some with exclusive characters or greater chances of attracting serious fighters. Let’s wait and see!

That’s all for our look at the characters in Tower of Fantasy. Stay tuned, now more details about these players and their playing skills will be given. In the meantime, feel free to use our list of Cookie Run: Kingdom levels if you want another gacha game to pass the time.

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