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Tunic has just arrived on PC and Xbox (and Game Pass), and as many critics as fans are busy exploring its colorful and vibrant world. Combining the exploration of Zelda with the battles of the Jeeps and the development of Souls-like, this sweet action and adventure title is home to some surprisingly disillusioned enemies and attacks. By the way, for all the hunters of fortune, you can ask yourself what List of technical achievements es. Don’t worry, let’s answer them.

List of all achievements – Technique

There are 36 achievements in Tunic, with a total of 1000 Gamerscore. These are:

Visible logs:

  • What’s happening? (10G) – It was healed
  • Stamp (10G) Classifications of the Eastern Campaign
  • Dong (10G) Classifications of the western campaign
  • Deep in the forest (10G) – You came across the red Llave
  • Much before the clouds (10G) – You came across Green Llave
  • In the King of the World (10G) – You found the blue key

Hidden logs:

  • A stick! (10G) – You’ve found a pole.
  • To the sword! (10G) – You found a sword
  • Listen to a strange zumbido (10G) – A strange device has been activated
  • Your gift is accepted (10G) – Make an Offer
  • What now? (10G) – The collection of lips is complete
  • Sientes Un Cosquilleo … (10G) Won the Cathedral Prize
  • Your body has been restored (20G) – You restored the bodily form
  • Game completed (50G) – You’ve found the place that matches you
  • Thanks for playing! (50 GRAM) – The manual is completed
  • I am free! (20G) – Has released a friend.
  • Sir. Mayor (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 1
  • A secret legend (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 2
  • Sacred geometry (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 3
  • Vendimia (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 4
  • Some friends only (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 5
  • Real Comadreja (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 6
  • Spring cakes (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 7
  • Burnt (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 8
  • Return to work (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 9
  • Phonometry (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 10
  • Powder (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 11
  • Friends Forever (50G) – You found the secret treasure # 12
  • Cortacésped (20G) – Has cut 1000 briznas de hierba
  • Demasiado lindo for aplastar (20G) – There were 10 hurricanes at that time
  • Did not do anything … (10G) – Get a wish
  • Well done! (10G) – Pediste 15 deseos
  • Use resistor (10G) – You perfectly performed a special technique.
  • Lift the wrong skin (50G) – You encountered a closed weapon before carrying a sword.
  • Vaya (10G) – You froze
  • Your bag feels heavier … (10G) – Understand the margin on page 17

That’s why I have it; tea complete list of tasks for Tuning. For more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to search for dlprivate server or see more of our game coverage in the future.

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