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With the launch of Stranger of Paradise back in the corner, we’re on the bright theme that all players love: trophies and achievements. Then you will find List of Stranger of Paradise achievements and trophies.

All Stranger of Paradise achievements and trophies

Stranger of Paradise has a total of 46 achievements and trophies. Of the 46 achievements and trophies, 36 are secrets / hidden, so you will find that list after the main list to avoid spoilers for anyone who does not want them.

Despite the possibility of collaborating in Stranger of Paradise, none of the trophies and achievements are required to do anything online or with other players. The entire list can be made alone with IA, though it could be helpful to have a friend win more trophies and achievements.

The Outbreak of Trophies is a platinum trophy, three gold trophies, seven silver trophies and 35 bronze trophies.

Name of prize / trophy Odds / trophy description Player’s point value / trophy rare
A story of origin and endings Take all the trophies. 90 / Platinum
Hopes and dreams Has completed “Illusion at the end of the trip” 10 / Bronze
Memories of lejano past Has completed a secondary mission. 70 / Gold
Strangers’ memories Has completed all secondary missions. 10 / Bronze
Manifestation of the soul Used soul burst for the first time 10 / Bronze
Hidden memories Used a weapon skill for the first time 10 / Bronze
real potential The special effect of a team piece was completely enhanced. 50 / Silver
Erudito Unlocked all job membership bonuses for just one job 50 / Silver
He learned Locked all panels on the work table up to only one job 50 / Silver
Thousands of usos All jobs were unlocked 50 / Silver

With the Stranger’s Memories Trophy and the achievement of wanting to complete all the secondary missions, you can use our guide to number all the secondary missions you have to complete for this.

When it comes to Jack-of-All-Trades trophies and awards, it looks for nearly 25 jobs in addition to the three with those starting, so get ready for a little routine there.

Next you will find the list of hidden / hidden achievements and trophies. It is possible to learn things that one does not want to know, but there are definitely some major spoilers that can be found here. A good majority are related to history and there is not much you need to know in anticipation of unlocking.

Name of prize / trophy Odds / trophy description Player’s point value / trophy rare
The path of the pirate Has completed “The journey begins” 10 / Bronze
The king of the dark elves Has completed “Listening with the Dark Elf” 10 / Bronze
Progenation of distortion Has completed “Natural Distortion”. 10 / Bronze
A memory card Has completed “A well-known place” 10 / Bronze
The light of the wind Has completed “Memorias del viento”. 10 / Bronze
Memories of olas Has completed “Memorias de veneno” 10 / Bronze
the light of the fire Has completed “Memories of Fire”. 10 / Bronze
Fantasy memory Has completed “Phantoms from the past” 10 / Bronze
the light of the earth Has completed “Memories of the Earth”. 10 / Bronze
Common memories Fill in “To record” 10 / Bronze
The light of the water Has completed “Memories of the Water”. 10 / Bronze
Malice is right “Schemes of the past” completed 10 / Bronze
Deber course Has finished “Remember the house” 10 / Bronze
Guided by nariz Has completed “The Suffering of the Needy”. 10 / Bronze
Destination period Has completed “A summer trip” 50 / Silver
The origin of real chaos Has completed the game with difficulty CAOS. 50 / Silver
the cycle of darkness Has completed a level 200 or higher mission with difficulty CAOS. 70 / Gold
There is no escort He turned to a cactus 10 / Bronze
line destructor He struck a tonberry 10 / Bronze
Seeking power Has acquired a fragment of anima. 10 / Bronze
Seeking the highest power Has acquired a crystal of anima. 10 / Bronze
Artifact collector Has acquired an artifact 10 / Bronze
Cresta bears He used a work shelter in the shed 10 / Bronze
The master’s master He used a main point 10 / Bronze
work manager He won rank as MASTER ★★★★ for a job 70 / Gold
Crystal Oscuro, The Heart of the Warrior Unlocked an advanced job 10 / Bronze
the path of the dark knight Unlocked the Dark Knight 10 / Bronze
Paladin Camino The paladin unlocked 10 / Bronze
the ninja’s way He unlocked the ninja 10 / Bronze
the path of the assassin Unlocked the assassin 10 / Bronze
Camino del Libertador The liberator is unlocked 10 / Bronze
Camino del Rompedor Unlocked the switch 10 / Bronze
Camino del Caballero del Vacío Has unlocked the cow’s cowboy. 10 / Bronze
the tyrant’s way The tyrant is unlocked 10 / Bronze
the path of wisdom Unlocked the wise 10 / Bronze
his name is garland Has unlocked for the cyclical war. 50 / Silver

Ahi has it, strangers, all trophies and achievements from Strangers of Paradise you must use 100% of the game on any console of your choice.

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