Lie detector revealed during Warzone scam investigation

Making a dent in Warzone is nothing new, but in recent months, the competition scene has been trying to show whether a player competing in high-risk tournaments uses tricks to gain an unfair advantage.

The player known as Shifty often competes in tournaments with miles in the game, and after being accused of making trouble, the player was given the opportunity to demonstrate his innocence once and for all.

While an independent group continued to review Shifty’s game, spectators quickly realized that the person operating the lie detector test was not yet legitimate when they confirmed their assessments.

Shifty Warzone lie detector

In a broadcast on April 5, Full Squad Gaming and NRG Sports showed Shifty’s skills on a new PC. After a few hours and the appearance of other professional Warzone players, there was no conclusive evidence to determine if the player was making trouble.

Towards the end of the transmission, viewers in the chat quickly rated John Grogan, the lie detector agent, as a “scam”, causing the transmission to pass in a long interval before disappearing completely. To resolve the situation, Full Squad Gaming co-founder Jake Lucky shared the rationale behind the error in the lie detector results.

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Tramper Shifty?

Despite many people’s best efforts, it’s still unclear whether Shifty uses any kind of tricks during Warzone games. Since the community still wants some kind of definitive proof, the Shifty saga shows no sign of accelerating.

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