Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga data card placements

If you’re waiting to unlock some of the fun, all-around honestly needed Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga tricks, you’ll have to fix them all. Skywalker Saga data card hidden around the galaxy very, very fast. To help with that, let’s start detailing where we can find them, what to do, and how much you need to unlock some good stuff.

Skywalker Saga data cards are not always difficult to find. Like many other collectibles in this long-awaited Lego sequel, they are marked on the map of the area where you will find them. If you have a Skywalker Saga data card to collect, you know where to find it. But how accurate are the channels where you sometimes need this guide.

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All Skywalker Saga data card locations

1. Nabú

Once in Naboo, you may have come across someone telling of the terrible location of his office next to the reception platform. In fact, this is an indirect way of saying that your workspace hosts the first of these collector methods.

To find it, go back to the stop bay and look towards the city center. Turn right until you reach the building high in front of the landing bay. Break the boxes to the right of the ladder here and use a blow (hop + B / O) to hit the bottom respirator.

Follow the walkway here to the back of the building, use force to move two objects against the switches that penetrate the door, and open the path to the first Skywalker Saga data card. Not everything will be so complicated.

2. Tatooine

This is one of the Les Trick Skywalker Saga data cards you are looking for on your journey.

Tatooine’s data card is literally stored in a small house. It is hidden in the corner of the entrance to hide well, but while it is in the position on the map, do not look too closely. Simply walk into the house that appears to be inside the map and walk around the place a bit. You will understand it now.


The Coruscant data card is another relatively easy to find. It is marked on the map so that everyone can see it, but getting to it can result in a bit of complication.

Once you have reached the nearest maritime passport, note that the data card is actually on the other side of a deep hole. Instead of trying to do a double jump (which will not work), rely on the game’s jump notification system.

Get enough to the slightly higher point of the sea level stop and the A / X indicator will be presented to you to jump to the record. From there, turn the camera to look at the structure from a distance and you should get another knob that will launch it towards the building. Walk down the road as a gift and you will find the location of the Coruscant data card at the other end.

What are Skywalker Saga data cards?

Skywalker Saga data cards are 19 small collectibles that you can use (along with Studs) to unlock a wide range of tricks, Easter eggs and potentials.

If you take it seriously to collect everything in the game, you will want to do with this amount before and buy the Stud Multipliers in the first place. These will help you easily pay the rest of the game’s many, many unlockables.

Without a doubt, for those who are just wondering, Skywalker Saga data cards are best used to unlock mods in retro style and Easter eggs like Big Head mode, Mumble mode and Pew Pew mode.

That’s all you need to know about Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga data cards right now. We will continue to update this list of specific locations of data cards to the extent we find them. Without hesitation, for now, check out our list of Skywalker Saga voice actors if you are curious about a familiar voice.

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