Legends celebrates the launch with the most powerful Premium box to date, Tirpitz

World of Warships: Legends Today, it’s for sale worldwide, and new content is being added, including those that include the German hackers and destroyers in its most ambitious campaign to date, centered around the legendary hacked: Tirpitz. The launch will reach players around the world from today, August 12, giving them the opportunity to get acquainted with the new boats and on their way to Tirpitz.

Legends is the console version of World of Warships

World of Warships: Legends is a brand new entry in the World of Warships franchise of Wargaming and is built from the ground up taking into account the consoles and their players. The game is available at PS4 y Xbox One and take advantage of all the capabilities of the current generation of home consoles. “Experiments with epic naval battles, detailed warship designs, historic commanders, impressive ocean views and more,” we announced in the press release.

During its four-month advance access, World of Warships: Legends has launched new content and improvements in quality of life. The game has seen the launch of the German Armada with seven new commanders, two campaigns giving players greater access to new content, and a lot of bug fixes and improvements in graphics, sound and user interface.

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The new update marks the complete launch, and to celebrate it, players have the opportunity to take part in a campaign to win the Nordic loneliness queen, the acclaimed Tirpitz. To get the full benefit of Hunting for the Tirpitz campaign, players need support from Almirantazgo. The promotion will be available for five weeks, from August 12 to September 15, allowing players to advance through 100 levels and complete a miraculous setback and weekly missions. At the length of each of the campaign’s 100 levels, players will be rewarded with prizes ranging from credits to premium time. Players also get new campaign currency along the way, which allows them to play against some of the nearest German rivals, such as Gneisenau or Bayern.

World of Warships: Legends

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