Legends begin to celebrate Halloween

World of Warships: Legends celebrate Halloween in an expected way with a new campaign featuring a free premium ship as a reward, as well as its upcoming PvE Operation – Salvando Transilvania.

The new Wicked Waves campaign includes Jackal, a Steampunk war machine with a unique gameplay style. The jackal is the free last reward for the campaign. As a Level III German warship, Jackal carried twelve powerful cannons for the entire ship in a design used in the first warship designs. Combined with a solid armor, the Chacal is a surprisingly flexible Tier III armor. On their way to winning, players will receive many other rewards and Halloween boxes to help them in the game.

Players supported by Almirantazgo will receive additional rewards and a unique event manager. When he stands as German captain, Henry J. Hide is the perfect partner for Chacal! In addition to intelligent references, Hide supports new and unique skills to optimize Chacal even more, convincing you into a perfectly dynamic duo. There are 45 levels in the Halloween campaign and two weeks to complete. Jackal, Hide and the other rewards are permanent.

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