learn how storage completely changes the game

Make a video to show the new game and what it supports.

Stream changes

The flood will accelerate dramatically with the arches.

Bolts make it easier than ever to jump through windows and hit objects.
This makes it much more convenient to be clear and polished in the early stages of the game.

No longer is it necessary to go up and down the stairs of every building you enter.
In return, you can now look through the building for elements to search and then jump closer through the window.

Changes in PVP

There are three main forms in which the PVP switches to PUBG.

  • First of all, the jump now allows players to escape from the buildings where they get caught jumping through the windows. (Much easier than jumping early, you can jump new windows).
  • Second, players can now jump through the windows to give the jump (yeah.) When building RVs. It is no longer necessary to be led through the main entrance.
  • Finally, players can climb on some buildings that were previously inaccessible.

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