Leaker claims that Activision can integrate NFT into Call of Duty

The advent of non-mushroom tokens (NFT) has revolutionized the world. While some have adopted the idea of ​​digital collectors, many opponents of the controversial trend for a variety of reasons ranging from environmental impact to many schemes are false.

The NFTs in the games turn out to be a hot topic of conversation. Some projects, such as Midnight Society’s Project Moon, use them to provide players with exclusive cosmetic items.

Considering that the NFTs do not want any part in the shortlist, a fixed filter that could have ended up in the Call of Duty franchise is to the players’ surprise.

Call of duty NFT

According to remarkable filter ‘RalphsVálvula, ‘The editor of Call of Duty, Activision, analyzes the inclusion of NFT in future titles. Admit that its recording “has been under review” for several months. In addition, the filter says that the developer of Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward, is analyzing plans to give players “Global Call Cards and Emblems”, suggesting that they can be used in all future Call of Duty titles.

As expected, players were reluctant to share their disapproval of the rumored NFT inclusion. “Can I just let NFT stay out of video games?” asked a commentator. The negative reaction from NFT in games is nothing new. In February, EA CEO Andrew Wilson changed his attitude toward collectors to confirm that the editor is not actively searching for them right now.

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Will Call of Duty have NFT?

As with all filters, complete with a pinch of salt, but with RalphsValve’s first filtering information created, there’s a possibility that NFT will show up in future Call of Duty titles. As we have seen with the violent reaction directed at EA, there is also a strong possibility that the concept is cracking, so we tend to expect and see what Activision and Infinity Ward have reserved.

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