League of Legends player claims it is impossible to correct MMR today

The balance of skills in any multiplayer game is an art. Things do not come back quickly if a team gets away with this, or if a player has the number of everything on a chemical scale.

It can be said that League of Legends is one of the online games where it is more important to identify things in terms of skill level than the majority as the game ratings determine how players are classified and their unique for each game mode, in addition to deciding who. will meet who.

In fact, MMRs are so important in the league that a player went to Reddit to argue his case, which is that it’s harder to fix your MMR now than at any other time in the game’s useful life.

League of Legends player claims it is impossible to fix MMR

User Krookz_ explained his point describing how things would go, giving the example of having won 10 to 15 matches followed a year ago, over time his MMR would change to reflect this and get more points for the win. .

Continued: “Today it seems that where you put your MMR, you are back, no matter how good it is. I have a rack of 15 games and my winnings are exactly the same, even after waiting a few days ”.

Krookz_ also added that they do not just want to go back to creating a new account to get a new rating, saying that “it feels like making a dent and I have been on my account for years”.

Response to this four post caused many other players to reveal their MMR issues, with user Asctkd saying: “The system does the opposite of what it should do. Compensation / penalty in the form of a single lucky / dissatisfied person instead of general performance throughout the season ”.

User Pl1xpl0x shared a similar experience and said: “After reaching p1, my losses have disappeared and my profits have increased a lot. You do not have to be punished for playing consistently well and climbing. I really left the motivation to classify tbh «.

Another user, RDKi, tackled this with broader casting issues, saying: “I was also asked why you do not have 9 best players if you have winning streaks, but you have bad teammates to ‘come’ to the end to demonstrate “that you would have chosen. It seems counterproductive to learn, improve and rise in rank”.

The issues also seem to affect some new players, with user GoodGevalia describing the difficulties experienced by the itmeJP streamer, which is new to the game: “It was very fun to watch one of my favorite streamers learn the game, but note that “The LP system distorts his opinion of the game. It doesn’t matter how much it seems to be overrated.”

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