Launch the Chernobylite Kickstarter campaign

The farm 51known as Painkiller Hell & Damnation, Get Even or the recent World War 3, has launched its fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for Chernobylitethe new title in which it works. Let’s talk about a fear of survival in the first person, who will be in the atmosphere after the Chernobil accident, and who has a pretty good painting.

The developer has as goal to reach 88,676 € and it’s not money to end the game, in the words of Wojciech Pazdur, CEO of The Farm 51; “The Kickstarter campaign will allow us to raise additional funds to expand locations and add some extra features.” Chernobylite will be launched as expected in November. Unlike other projects without a clear plan when it comes to Acceso Anticipado, The Farm has 51 things ready and plans to launch the final version by mid-2020, to go further, also make an intervention in consoles. You can support the project here.

Chernobylite is an experience of fiction science and the terror of supervision for a single player, which combines the free exploration of its turbulent world with a terrifying struggle, unique creation and non-linear storytelling. As a player, you will have to survive and reveal Chernobyl’s rhetorical secrets in the scanned 3D re-creation of the true Exclusion Zone.

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The game is developed by a small but very experienced team of 20 professionals who work as much in the office as in the bald countries of the Chernobil Exclusion Zone using serigraphy, photogrammetry, drones, cinema equipment and accessories and graphics. It has already passed the production phase and has a playable demo version that Kickstarter sponsors can try, which limits the ability to experiment with the Chernobylite world of 1-2 hours of prealpha play.

You already know that we do not just play games for a single player online, but these projects for small students and even if they are of that quality must be mentioned, if or not.

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