Launch the beneficial TESO real-life pet rescue initiative

In The Elder Scrolls Online, the most important thing has always been the cooperation between the players to avoid the dangers that Tamriel threatens. Today, ZeniMax Online Studios invites fans to a mission where they face a real challenge: saving and improving the lives of pets from all over the planet. In partnership with GlobalGiving, Best Friends Animal Society (North America) and FOUR PAWS (Pan-Europe), players will participate in special events and other content to earn money and save birds and other animals, just as much inside the game as in the real world. .

In the Elsweyr chapter of TESO, published in June, the khajiitas and their father, Elsweyr, suffered the death of the dragons. Players can wear worn clothes to save these innocent citizens. For every 5 kills killed by December 9, Bethesda will donate $ 1, up to a maximum of $ 200,000.

Players can also make direct donations to the promotion at

The $ 200,000 donation will be shared equally between Best Friends Animal Society and FOUR PAWS International. We are our forces to kill dragons and help our furry friends together. The initiative starts today and lasts until December 9, 2019!

Resurrection of the Dragons

While this beneficial project lasts, players will meet with various initiatives in the game, such as The Resurrection of the Dragons, which starts on October 3 at. 16:00 (peninsula time) and ends on the 13th of the same month. In Resurrection of the Dragons, players must explore the impressive surroundings of northern Elsweyr, end up with desperate dragons and complete the protagonist of Dragon team to unlock three unique rewards for all players of Elsweyr. You will find rewards and a progress bar here. Incidentally, all the dragons that were eliminated during The Resurrection of the Dragons will be counted for the beneficial initiative #SlayDragonsSaveCats!


Propaganda mission of Dragon team

Speaking of proclamation missions, players will be able to play an introduction to the final delivery of “Dragon Time”, Dragonhold, starts on October 8 and free for all players. Sai Sahan, the last member of the Dragon Guard, needs your help. You will need to explore the shrines of the Dragon Guard in search of anything that can help end the threat.

More events in the game!

  • Witch Festival – From 24 October to 4 November
    • The Witch Festival’s macabro play returns to Tamriel. Join in this exciting celebration to gain extra experience and terrorist rewards.
  • Fearless party – From 14 to 18 November
    • Use the Dungeon Finder to confront random monsters and find mysterious reward boxes containing chapters with motifs, styles for weapons, etc.
  • Dawn of the Dragonguard – From November 26 to December 9
    • Hunt down the most dangerous monsters in Elsweyr with your companions and get a new button. Keep in mind that for every 5 eliminated dragons throughout this period, we will donate $ 1 to the #SlayDragonsSaveCats campaign.
  • New Life Festival – From 19 December to 2 January
    • Celebrate the end of another fascinating year in Tamriel with the New Life Festival. The anniversary event returns with a lot of fun missions, festive prizes for everyone that includes collectibles to upgrade XP, unique hardware and more.

Best Friends Animal Society

The Best Friends Animal Society is an important animal welfare organization dedicated to trying to stop the extermination of dogs and cats in the refugee camps in North America. Every day, 2,220 dogs and cats are sent into exile to North American refugees because they do not have a home. Best Friends has decided to end with extinction for the year 2025. Its national network of partners and collaborators will work to save everyone.

FIRE poter

FOUR PAWS is an animal welfare organization under the influence of humans. Expose abusive situations, rescue animals in a hurry and protect them. Its goal is to achieve a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding. Visit to learn about their work and ways you can help.

The beneficial project #SlayDragonsSaveCats (“Mata dragones, salva felinos”) offers in-game events and many more, such as the mission of the project Dragon teamwhich will be published on October 8.

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