Launch from 6 to 12 November

Which games will be launched this week on the course?

MMOinGame came back one more week with PC launches this week. In this section, we will focus on the titles launched for the platform Pc Master Racebut fun comfort, let us know if the game is also sold for some of the current consoles.

Before writing about material, please comment that I left a link so you can download the games that we will later see as much for PC as for consoles, if that works, at our partners. So in addition to covering some “sheets”, we help with the web and the work we do.

I will also leave a complete list of all the known launches for this week, but without going into depth.

Launch from 6 to 12 November

MU LEGEND is a hack and slash fantasy MMORPG that continues the story of MU Online. It has a body-to-body combat system that includes games for as many individuals as a group, and an exciting world that will satisfy as many new players as the saga’s fans.

The game works with Unreal Engine 3 because it puts some graphics in step with the times, accompanied by a detailed artistic design and very manageable effects. The game promises to offer optimal performance even on the most modest computers.

Players focused on JcE mode will enjoy a wide range of features that will accompany them during the ride. From group and individual procedure stalls to original MU content, such as Sangriento Castle or Infinite Tower. Players will be motivated to start searching for the best team.

Download and more information in the game file.

MU LEGEND will be launched for PC, in Beta it will open November 7, 2017

Hand Of Fate 2 is a mazmorras exploration game set in a dark fantasy world. Master a life-changing board game where each phase of the adventure is filled with a shower of legendary encounters that let you choose! Choose wisely: your opponent, the enigmatic distributor, will not ride on wheels while turning on his revenge instrument.

The hand of fate 2 The 7 is launched for PC, Xbox One and PS4 November 2017

Football Manager 2018 is the latest version of this amazing superhero series. You can coach any football club in more than 50 countries around the world, so Football Manager 2018 is the best way to lead a team in the real world.

Football Manager 2018 will launch to Pc el November 10, 2017

Need for Speed: Payback recreates some of the best episodes of the series as Most Wanted and brings us together with our band in Fortune Valley’s lower fortunes to retire from La Casa, a corrupt community in command of the casinos, criminals and the city police. The stakes are high in this paradise of corrupt games and La Casa always loves. Play very different events like Tyler, Mac and Jess. Gain respect from Fortune Valley’s secret world, and fight for the definitive race to defeat La Casa once and for all.

Need for Speed: Refund launches for PC, Xbox One and PS4 November 10, 2017

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