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One of the many people recently filtered by the Genshin Impact community is Dehya. She is the tall, dark-haired woman with dark hair in the filtered image of the Sumeru characters. Find this picture later!

The Sumeru region is likely to arrive with the next major update of Genshin, which will be version 3.0. Then there are some characters who appear in the repeat banners and play their own, including users of Dendro Bow, Collei and Tighnari. Here we will review everything we know about Dehya so far.

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Genshin Impact – Dehya launch date

According to filters, Dehya will not start immediately in version 3.0, but will run in 3.1 or 3.2. It is likely that he will be a 4-star character and may appear on the Nilou cartel if he launches at the same time.

What is Dehya’s elementary vision?

It is said that Dehyas Elemental Vision is Pyro. Currently, she is the next Pyro character scheduled to launch, judging by the filters.

What weapon is Dehya?

Dehya is reportedly a two-handed weapon that he turns into the third person of Pyro Claymore after Diluc and Xinyan.

What are Dehya’s skills?

Each Genshin Impact character has two abilities and one passive ability. One of the abilities takes longer to load and is a stronger attack. So far, there is no confirmation or filters on the abilities and strengths of Dehya or Constellations.

Who is Dehya?

Not much is known about this person other than his physical appearance and name. She is a tall adult woman with brown skin and black cat ears. Its appearance (and general appearance) resembles something Xinyan, with darker clothes and a somewhat rocky atmosphere.

Some filters suggest that Dehya will appear in important character stories and missions in Sumerus updates.

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