launch date, Star Wars masks, server downtime, and park notes

It’s only almost a month ago, Fortnite started Chapter 3 Season 2, and the third inactive update is only a week away. El Fortnite Update 20.30 is the next in the tube.

After some deceptive parks, we expect the 8.30am to be massive. The latest rumors, which we will discuss later, suggest that we also have reason.

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Latest news and filters

April 26 – Do missionaries come with light sand?

As part of the Star Wars content, it looks like Sands of Light will return to Fortnite at 8:30 p.m., but this is in conjunction with some missions that they present.

This is according to the always trusted @Hypex, but we know for sure next week.

When is the launch date for Fortnite 20.30?


Like any other regular Fortnite update, the Fortnite 20.20 update launches on Tuesday, May 3rd tomorrow.

The park will begin implementation from kl. 1 PT / 9 am BST, but servers will remain inactive for some time thereafter.

What is the server inactivity time?

Like we said, there will be a period of server activity before the 20.30 update of Fortnite becomes active for everyone to download.

From 12 noon. PT / 8 am BST, Fortnite servers must be disabled and installation will be disabled. Verás @FortniteEstado tweet about it when it happens.

In the coming hours, while the servers are down, the filters will try to detect everything new. This time, we know enough about what to expect from what we’ll talk about later.

At 3am PT / 11am BST later, Fortnite had to return to normal with all the new content live to see it.

Are Fortnite Star Wars masks left?

The Fortnite 20.30 update comes on May 3rd for one reason and only one reason: Star Wars Day is only a day later.

Various Star Wars masks arrived at Fortnite a few years ago and returned on May 4, 2020.

Once again, it returns to the update at. 20:30 in a week. May strength be with you.

Will there be more Fortnite Star Wars content by May 4, 2022?

It’s quite likely that this will be the finale of the Star Wars content included in the 20:30 update.

First, the data miners have discovered an NPC Stormtrooper that has been added to update 20.20, and they will soon be able to find them on the island. All you have to do is shout “rebel scorpion” when you get too close. Do not do much more.

We will not be surprised if more Star Wars NPCs are added to the game with the update, so be careful.

All types of Star Wars content can also be added to Fortnite with the 20:30 update. In recent months, there have been several rumors circulating that it is preparing for an entire season of Star Wars. Some players even expected that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 would be completely based on Star Wars.

It looks like there are changes on Star Wars themed maps of planets, more NPCs swaying through named locations or famous ships flying around, the possibilities are endless.

As we discover more Star Wars content and get more details about the 20.30 update of Fortnite, we’ll make sure to keep it updated.

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