launch date, Sniper Nerfs and more

Season 3 of Warzone is on the horizon for the emotions of the players, who are looking forward to the arrival of Godzilla, King and a huge amount of new content. In addition to the appearance of legendary monsters, a number of new weapons and armor will join the arsenal along with an epic operator level of 100 levels.

Along with the new content, Raven Software will implement several changes in Battle Royale, including nerves in a number of francotir rifles and changes in the Caldera card.

In general, the launch of a new season presents a series of bug fixes to improve Warzone for all players who keep getting started. With more bugs starting to pick up speed, the season 3 update should solve more issues and change the current metrics. Find the update park notes for season 3 of Warzone and all the changes in this article.

Warzone season 3 park notes

The park notes must appear shortly before the update begins on April 27, which means we can expect the park notes to arrive the same day or the next day. Once the park notes are displayed, we will update this article with a complete list of all the changes that have been made.

Warzone season 3 freak nerfs

Guess the biggest change expected as part of the park notes in season 3 is the nerves for a range of francotirador rifles available for use. Since the launch of Warzone, Modern Warfare’s Kar98k has dominated the meta at long range, and although technically a Marksman rifle, a nerve will inevitably inject a spray of fresh air into those looking for a new francotirador to dominate.

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Warzone Pacific season 3 bug fix

Warzone players do not have the ability to make mistakes and fail to enter the Caldera. In recent seasons, the weapons have become invisible, and recently the generational aircraft flew inside the Peak point of interest, making players seem trapped under the map.

Fortunately, Raven Software will address this and many other issues affecting players in the Season 3 update.

Warzone Pacific season 3 update size

Details of the size of the update for season 3 of Warzone have not yet emerged, but with the arrival of a large amount of content and many changes on the horizon, players can expect a relatively significant download. Despite the improvements in optimization, there is a high probability that the update will exceed 10 GB.

As soon as we find out the exact details of the size of the season 3 update, we will update the article with everything we know.

If they have, these are all the notable changes that are expected to take place as part of the park notes in season 3 of Warzone Pacific. Once released, we will update the article, but until then, you can consult our page dedicated to knowing the latest news, filters, and loading guides for the real battle of Call of Duty.

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