launch date, server downtime and park notes

Somewhat unusually, Epic Games released an update just two weeks after the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 season 2. Now, just a few weeks later, Fortnite update 20.20 it must be frozen.

To be prepared for the time of inactivity of the server, we have the necessary details about what exactly will change in the park and when it will be activated in Fortnite.

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What is the launch date and time of the Fortnites 20.20 update?

Like any other regular Fortnite update, Fortnite Update 20.20 launches on Tuesday, April 19th tomorrow. However, the update has not been officially confirmed by Epic ShiinaBR has confirmed that it has been added to the test servers, which means it will be available next week.

You can download the update after a short period of inactivity, and the new content will be filtered during that time. As long as we find out exactly what has been added, we will make sure to update it here.

At 2 in the morning PT / 10 in the morning BST on April 19, the Fortnite Update 20.20 park should be active, so installations and servers should be newly active to see everything new.


Fortnite Server Inactivity Time 20.20

As we said, there will be some idle time on the server before Fortnite Update 20.20 goes live.

Fortnite servers must be disabled at 12.00 PT / 8.00 BST, with installation disabled. Verás @FortniteEstado tweet about it when it happens.

As long as the filters on all Twitter detect the news, just wait a few hours for everything to return. At 3am PT / 11am BST later, Fortnite had to return to normal with all the new content live to pay for it.

In fact, we will keep you informed on April 19 with all the news and updates about the time of inactivity of the server.

Park Notes of Fortnites 20.20 update

Until now, we do not know exactly what will change in the next Fortnite update. Epic Games does not publish complete notes about the park in the traditional sense, and players need to work on some changes along with the publication of the blog describing all the new features.

Without hesitation, you can consult the Trello problem board in the Fortnite community to find out the latest bug fixes for those who work. There is a good chance that some of them are active as part of Update 20.20.

Fortunately, after a mediocre update a few weeks ago, we’ll be enjoying a fun update with a lot of new content to jump on.

At the moment, nothing has been filtered out of what to expect. With no limitations, as long as the filters are set to work, Epic publishes the content’s blog post, and we’ll find out what’s changing, we know.

In the meantime, be sure to return to Fortnite Easter’s themed content. This week, Epic will feature the Egg Launchers and Bouncy Egg elements that debuted last year.

Not everyone’s favorites, but it’s fun to play a little with them as Easter approaches. Fortunately, Fortnite Update 20.20 presents something a little more significant to change the game in the coming weeks.

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