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Minecraft is a very impressive game. Constantly updated for more than a decade, the game has now been converted to a Netflix program, multiple games and now Minecraft Legends. If you are looking for news about Minecraft Legends launch date and besides, we have everything we need to know.

Unfortunately, we still do not know much about it, only recently. The information is still coming and is likely to arrive in the coming months. We will update it right here to the extent we know more.

With the latest update of Minecraft here are the best seeds from Minecraft 1.19 and what we know about slots in the game.

Minecraft Legends launch date

We do not have an official launch date for Minecraft Legends still, but we know it’s scheduled to launch in 2023. Minecraft Dungeons was launched in May 2020, and Mojang is known for releasing major updates and big plans around May each year. If Minecraft Legends continues this trend, we hope Minecraft Legends launches in May 2023.

All this is a plan from now on. If something changes or we receive an official confirmation, we will update it right here.

What are Minecraft Legends?

Although we know very little about its jugability, it is said that Minecraft Legends is an action and strategy game that is about defending events and ending with the evil that destroys the earth. On the Minecraft Legends page, the developers say:

“Explore a familiar but mysterious land, full of diverse life, abundant biomass and rich resources. But this paradise is on the brink of destruction. The piglets have arrived and threatened to corrupt the Overworld.”

It puts you directly in the middle of big fights and forces you to fight to escape.

Minecraft playing platforms

We know that Minecraft Legends will be launched in Game Pass for Xbox and PC. Unfortunately, we do not know much more yet. It seems possible to download it for PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, but we still have no confirmation.

If you’re playing the latest Minecraft update, these are the best laptops for Minecraft.

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