Latest Nintendo Switch Online update improves input lag in N64 games

Nintendo has improved Nintendo 64 backwards compatibility in the latest version of the app available to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack users.

Last week, another classic 64-bit console service, Banjo-Kazooie, was added, and with it, version 1.2 of the app was also released.

This, according to the YouTube channel modern vintage playerGreatly improves input lag in games emulation.

“Worked on the input lag,” explains in the video. “It doesn’t fix everything, but it’s better than the original release and it shows that Nintendo is listening, or at least reading, feedback and trying to fix these issues.”

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, for example, input lag is reduced from 5-6 frames to just 1-2 frames. In other games, the results can be distinguished.

“Again, it’s not perfect, and the nature of the emulsion itself may not come to mind at all, but it’s clear that Nintendo has reduced input lag and that the games feel a lot better, so that’s a pretty good result.”

In the case of Ocarina of Time, of course, there are further improvements to the emulsion.

Fans of the game were excited as the fight against the Oscuro Link in the Water Temple turned into a room soaked in water and with snow in the original, the emulsion n was not correct, losing snow and water its reflection, which made the atmosphere much worse.

With the new version, without blocking, the water has regained its reflection on the surface, except that the snow remains still.

This confirms that Nintendo has improved the Nintendo 64 emulation, which has received many questions about its quality since the initial launch of the Nintendo Switch online expansion pack. It is to be expected, moreover, that with future updates you will continue to optimize until you obtain completely satisfactory results.

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