Lab Rags – 100% performance guide

Complete guidance of performance

Impressive logos

The following are the performances you will achieve by simply compiling the handles.

Trial and error

Demasiadas torretas!

Let the ball fall

Mustache enthusiasts!

You also get to the length of the game

Death is not the end

In a box

New heights

At the head of the game

  • Create a spherical body

New game +

Health awareness

  • Up to a level with only one body.

The best level to do this is the first.

Friendly with the environment

  • Go up a level without leaving any body.

It can be unlocked at the same time as the health-conscious.

  • From the start, you will have to commit suicide once and then get your body to give you the forms you need.
  • For the little ones, use the trampoline to walk them.
  • for the buttons on the walls you will return to use the trampoline
  • To the left button, use the ball and jump over the opening to push it back to your weapon.
  • For climbers, the trampoline is perfect.
  • To pass the towels, I recommend that you use the dice and move quickly so as not to die.

Limited to space

  • To infinity and beyond!

Load on level 4 and then the second fun you find on the level to re-register on the second floor, launch a trampoline on the lower level (where it is electrified) and then from the top floor jump over it.

You may have to jump on the int many times, but you will need to unlock it just before you can lock the seal.

assault on conseguir

Connected to the ground

  • Above all levels without jumping

When you die, there is a change in the fact that your body wants its bones as a group that you can use to heal yourself.


  • Above all levels without interruption (right click for defective)

He dies many times and never clicks the right mouse button.

The general rule for both is to kill many times until your body protects them from the sand fumes.

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