Korean version of “Uma Musume” goes up in flames and direct confrontation between local management and user group → Breaks down and goes to lawsuit

■From YouTube

The Korean version of “Uma Musume” is in flames due to the disparity in compensation with the Japanese version and neglect of management.

A meeting was held between the user delegation and the Korean version of Kakao Games.

(In South Korea, meetings are sometimes held when troubles arise between users and management.)

The conference started at 10:00 on September 17 and lasted for 8 hours.


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■ From Twitter

Uma Musume fans in Korea are amazing.
User representative and Korean management in protest against the difference in response from Japan? But it’s being distributed on YouTube…

Talking about Uma Musume’s Korean operation and the user delegation, it’s amazing that a total of 20,000 people are watching.

It’s really important grass
I’ve never had a battle like this even in Japan’s flames.

Korea hyung, your vitality is too high!
Japan should unite and negotiate like this.

South Korea will act when it gets frustrated
Maple or something like this

i like real wrestling
Japan should emulate this spirit

Consumer Affairs Agency collaboration www
In Japan,

Games with horse racing motifs in other countries often have that kind of energy.

It’s better than Japan just mumbling on Twitter
keep doing it

The distribution of Golshi Week is less than the Japanese version and it is sharp

The disparity with the home country is a daily occurrence in Korean MMOs.

The small distribution is only a partial criticism
Everything is like this because there is no motivation to operate

The Korean version of Uma Musume went viral, and one of the reasons seems to be that the character speaking the Kansai dialect became the standard language.

Tamamocross, Yukinovijin, and Inariwan (planned) in standard language…

The request to localize even the dialect properly is amazing w
I guess I hit all the differences between Japan and Korea

It’s certainly boring for dialects to disappear

The Korean version of Maruzensky is said to be the most popular girl because it doesn’t translate that bubble feeling…

It seems that Chanmi will only put out information about Tokyo Shiba 2400 three days before the event and will not tell you what to do.

In addition, it seems to say that it’s all Saige’s fault

The company on the management side has been saying that Saige is bad and the player is bad.
Great company

‘Cause they’re all just makeshift lies
It’s all Saige’s instructions, and they stick through the lies, so before you know it, it’s going to be Japan’s fault

conference is over
Uma Musume users are going to sue the management

Didn’t you solve the problem through discussion?

Why did Saige entrust management to such a degree in the first place?

If you don’t like it, don’t give in and keep complaining I think it’s okay

>1 out of 5 people know about games
>I thought that the user’s act of terrorism caused the server to become unstable because they didn’t know about Reroll itself.

I don’t know how bad the Korean management is just from this…
Saige must have been the publisher’s wrong choice
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Even the Japanese version operated by Saige is more or less
What will happen if the problem of Kurama’s alarm clock exhaustion comes to Korean mackerel?
I hope this time it doesn’t target Saige itself.
Uma Musume Korea Flaming Images related to Kakao Games-04

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