Konami’s detective game Crimesight launches in April

Crimesight, the police multiplayer title announced by Konami last June, already has a launch date: it will be April 14.

The game takes place in a futuristic version of London where criminals can be predicted using a “developed analytical program using online data”. It has happened that the number of criminals decreases all over the world, but at some point the system predicts a crime that could “plunge the world into chaos”. The creators of the program are developing an artificial intelligence called Sherlock to investigate and prevent this from happening.

Sherlock will have to stop the AI ​​criminal – who, apparently, is called Moriarty – from committing the crime, while Moriarty will have to try to create the perfect crime. The trailer tells us that the game will be played between two and four players, and that it will take place on a kind of virtual board.

Crimesight will be released on April 14 on PC.


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