Koch Media wants Flying Wild Hog

Koch Media GmbH, indirect subsidiary of absolute property of Embracer Group AB, has today signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the Polish company Flying wild boar, the well-known and growing Polish independent developer of games for PC and consoles, stories such as France hailed by critics Shadow Warrior. The acquisition fulfills Koch Media’s growing ambition as a global gaming leader.

Koch Media buys Flying Wild Hog

This acquisition includes three studios headquartered in Warsaw, Rzeszów and Cracovia, which have more than 260 employees, adding a solid platform to an important and growing game development center.

Flying Wild Hog with more than a year of experience and knowledge will serve as an independent study within the Kocn Media family and its network of students. Ambas companies hope to take advantage of the synergies and explore future opportunities as part of Koch Media’s multilateral strategy, as well as within the Embracer Group and its wide range of proprietary intellectual property rights. Flying Wild Hog is currently working on four projects with other global editors.

We are absolutely fascinated that Flying Wild Hog is one of Koch Media’s Embracer family. Koch Media is a renowned editor who has taken over our vision of creating the most exciting action games with optimistic rhythm and the highest level for players worldwide. What inspires Flying Wild Hog is the ambition to surprise fans with unique gaming experiences of the highest quality. By joining the active group Embracer and Koch Media, we can continue to grow and center ourselves by offering even more ambitious games. Caímos came up with Embracer’s vision to build an alliance of diverse and talented students that preserves their independence and creative freedom. This is an incredibly convincing opportunity because we are fascinated by this association and by what will lead us in the future ” has confirmed Michal Szustak, CEO of Flying Wild Hog Studios.

Flying Wild Hog, Koch Media

Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media he added: “The fact that The Hogs is part of our global network of surveys allows us to secure even more of our position in one of the most vibrant and expanding gaming territories in Europe and capture ourselves deep in the vast development environment of Poland. After expanding Koch Media’s editorial activities at the beginning of the year by entering the Asian market and repositioning our US publishing business, the establishment of our network of studios with these genuine professionals will allow us to expand our own catalog. , develop and use the synergies within the group to become better in the future ”.

“We are very pleased to see that Flying Wild Hog is one of the catalog of world-renowned game developers from the Embracer group. We always knew there was great potential in Flying Wild Hog and we could not be more proud of “This has been part of its growth and success. This new affiliation with Embracer will allow them to reach even higher rates,” he explained. Paul Wedgwood, founder and co-manager of Supernova Capital.

Flying wild boar Founded by Michal Szustak together with other developers of CD Project Red y People can fly in Warsaw, Poland in 2009. In 2016, FWH expanded to open a new studio in Cracovia, followed by another in Rzeszów in 2018. The team today comprises more than 260 employees with a unique set of skills stemming from the development of global successes for other leading developers, as well as for FWH’s own projects. The games launched by FWH have sold over 9.5 million units since launch.

The FWH team in Cracovia is the only one established in Poland under the model of Game-as-a-Service development (Video games as a service) for consoles and PCs and supports new capabilities for the Embracer group that can be expanded and used in other projects in the future. FWH is currently working on an interesting project diagram, which includes the development of four titles for editors such as Jagex, Devolver Digital and Focus Home Interactive, whose launch is expected in the years 2021/22.

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