Kobolds and the Catacombs – Dragon Priest # 4746

Characteristics of Mazo

Meta: Standard

Architecture of the mazo:

Esbirros (21) | Hechizos (9) | Weapons (0)

Craft costs: 5420 HearthStone

A Mazo created by the Italian player TabbueHS with the aim of pushing our opponent’s game with a quick presence at the table of [Northshire Cleric], [Radiant Elemental] island [Tar Creeper]. In the middle of the game we will use the synergy with dragons.


[Northshire Cleric] [Radiant Elemental] [Tar Creeper] [Power Word: Shield]

[Northshire Cleric] [Netherspite Historian] [Twilight Drake] [Drakonid Operative]


Ideally, you should open your game with the Northshire Cleric and have the greatest possible value.
Your opponent will in every sense try to eliminate it as soon as possible. For this reason, it is to take the maximum possible value of this card.

During rounds 3 – 4 you have a good opportunity to counter the opponent’s table. You have a soft option with [Twilight Drake] island [Duskbreaker] to clean the table.


Drakonid Operative is one of the 5 most powerful drops in the game. In counter-control meetings, including a benefit schedule can make a big difference and be able to handle the agro-masses, as well as have the ability to overcome the control masses.
Even if you do not manage to deactivate the card effect and force yourself to play with the game for a while, keep having 5 out of 5 times 6 men, which is a cool statistic and you can compete with more minions in the middle of the game. almost always.

[Lyra the Sunshard], is the slow card of the mazo, but it allows us to exchange a card with others. It is recommended to keep a lot of tricks to achieve a good combo when the game is advanced.

If this card is not yours, you can swap it for another dragon in a second [Primordial Drake] or a second [Cobalt Scalebane]

Hearthstone MazosHearthstone Mazos

# 2x (1) [Northshire Cleric]
# 1x (1) [Potion of Madness]
# 2x (1) [Power Word: Shield]
# 1x (2) [Golakka Crawler]
# 2x (2) [Netherspite Historian]
# 2x (2) [Radiant Elemental]
# 2x (2) [Shadow Visions]
# 2x (2) [Shadow Word: Pain]
# 1x (3) [Gluttonous Ooze]
# 1x (3) [Shadow Word: Death]
# 2x (3) [Tar Creeper]
# 2x (3) [Twilight Acolyte]
# 2x (4) [Duskbreaker]
# 2x (4) [Twilight Drake]
# 1x (5) [Cobalt Scalebane]
# 2x (5) [Drakonid Operative]
# 1x (6) [Dragonfire Potion]
# 1x (8) [Primordial Drake]
# 1x (9) [Ysera]

Code to import Mazo to Hearthstone


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