Kobolds and Catacombs – Big Spell Mage of Kibler

Characteristics of Mazo

Meta: Standard

Architecture of the mazo: Big Spell Mage

Esbirros (19) | Hechizos (10) | Armas (0) | Jugible Heroes (1)

Craft price: 10800HearthStone

Mazo created by the professional player Kibler to create a new guide control array for Kóbolds and Catacumbas. The purpose of Big Spell Mage is relatively simple: stay until round five, after which you use the removals of your mazo over and over again until you have the opportunity to play the conditions for victory: [Medivh, The Guardian] , [Frost Lich Jaina] and the new one [Dragoncaller Alanna] . Conflict of control often returns almost fatally, while many of the opponents who use aggro are wounded and ordered to stabilize in rounds six and seven.

The Mulligan would be [Raven Familiar] , [Acolyte of Pain] , [Tar Creeper] y [Doomsayer] especially the last two suspect you are facing aggro.

Big Spell Mage not too much against Highland priest but can be quite effective against Mod Dragon Priest y Aggro Paladin depends a lot on your first hand.

Hearthstone MazosHearthstone Mazos

# 2x (1) [Arcane Artificer]
# 2x (2) [Doomsayer]
# 1x (2) [Pyros]
# 2x (2) [Raven Familiar]
# 2x (3) [Acolyte of Pain]
# 2x (3) [Kabal Courier]
# 2x (3) [Tar Creeper]
# 2x (4) [Polymorph]
# 2x (5) [Arcane Tyrant]
# 2x (5) [Dragon’s Fury]
# 2x (6) [Blizzard]
# 1x (6) [Meteor]
# 2x (6) [Spiteful Summoner]
# 2x (7) [Firelands Portal]
# 1x (7) [Flamestrike]
# 1x (8) [Medivh, the Guardian]
# 1x (9) [Dragoncaller Alanna]
# 1x (9) [Frost Lich Jaina]

Mazo code
AAECAf0EBuwHobcCysEClscCm9MCo + sCDE2KAckD + wyjtgKwvALKwwLb0wLV4QLX4QKW5ALX6wIA

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