Knockout City will go free-to-play this spring

Knockout City will turn into a free game this spring, and its developer, Velan Studios, will take over the publishing of the game, in conjunction with Electronic Arts.

The game was released for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC last May, and is currently celebrating its fifth season, Greatest Hits, in its first year of life. Season 5, which will last a total of twelve weeks, will wrap up Knockout City’s Year 1 and bring significant changes.

With the start of Year 6 and Season 6 “this spring”, the title will change its business model to free-to-play (currently priced at €19.99), with what Velan expects what our game is coming up with millions of new players all over the world, completely eliminating its cost”.

“Dicho esto”, explains in the official post“We want to take a moment to thank our fans by purchasing Knockout City and supporting us from the beginning. Your dedication and loyalty motivates us every day to continue building our world, and we couldn’t have gotten here without you.”

As compensation, users who purchased Knockout City before their free pass will receive the Loyalty Pack at the start of the season, complete with exclusive Legendary cosmetic items, XP upgrades, and 2,000 Holobux.

The other big change that will take place this new season is that with it the game will cease to be published by EA Originals and will continue to be self-published by Velan.

“We couldn’t have introduced Knockout City to the world without the incredible support of EA Originals,” the developers acknowledge, “but now, with the free-to-play stage, the natural next step for us is to support publishing responsibilities and working in a way that’s ever closer to the community. We have exciting plans for Knockout City, and going public will allow us to realize our vision for the long-term future of this game. “.

This, without an embargo, also caused the fifth season to “have something less contained” than the previous one. So there is no new Brawl Pass, less bundles and cosmetics, no new map and new balloon stamp. All of this content will be included in the seventh season.

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