“Kirby of the Stars 4D Gummy” will probably be launched! !The pink satan lastly goes to the 4th dimension

“4D Gummy / Kirby’s Dream Land” Released, Peach Flavored Gummy on Warp Star, Package is “Suikomi” Design – GIGAZINE

According to the article

・On December twelfth, Heart Co., Ltd. launched “4D Gummy / Kirby of the Stars”, which is a “4D Gummy” primarily based on the favored character “Kirby of the Stars”.

・The value is 248 yen together with tax. Available at supermarkets and comfort shops nationwide.

・ 4D Gummies is a gummy model which you can “play”, “eat” and “learn” developed by Amos (Guangdong, China). 4D is known as after “3D+Delicious”, and because the identify suggests, it’s a three-dimensional and scrumptious gummy with a brand new sensation.

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