“Kinnikuman” creator “Don’t give your impressions together with spoilers! ”

■ Past articles
“Kinnikuman” creator “Stop saying spoilers on SNS” Weekly pre-editing “Take legal action” Jump + editor-in-chief “We are the same” → The worst consequence

↓ About 3 years later…

■ From Twitter

[Urgent notice]People who do not know that “Kinnikuman” continues to be happening~! !

It’s already been 11 and a half years for the reason that second season of the Suguru collection, and an anime adaptation has been determined~

As a results of anger, “Don’t spoil it on the net!”No one talks about Kinnikuman on the web,

Even being serialized was forgotten, and this time I mentioned, “I’m still doing it.”and enchantment on the web

Everyone was simply tweeting to reward and unfold the enjoyable of Kinnikuman.
If the creator advised me to cease spoiling, I’d merely achieve this.
I believe it is completely the creator’s personal doing.

Eh, have not you completed but Σ₍ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎

Conversely, if it is Eva, the followers will not spoil it!There was a narrative that the official was in bother

In the reply column, “Egg Angry Meat Forget”, abbreviated “Egg Angry Meat Forget” is just too highly effective phrase…

I’m going to inform you as a result of it is associated to Shimada-sensei’s honor, however when the editor mentioned, “I’ll sue you for copyright infringement,” the editor mentioned, “Don’t spoil the screenshots,” so authorized motion was taken. It’s how I made a decision to cease whispering my ideas if I may.

Well, I do know you are offended as a result of the reprint went too far…
I screwed up a bit

It would have been higher to make clear the allowable vary of spoilers formally like Danganronpa

Well, Mr. Yude is from Mr. Yude, together with that type of factor
It’s not a manga that may be drawn by individuals who have a stable understanding of issues like consistency,

Moreover, I did it when the favored neta character known as Leopardon reappeared and it was a giant hit.it is the worst time

As a results of Hirasawa’s tacit acquiescence to the unlawful add of his music/lives as “there is also a promotional aspect”, most netizens now know him, which is the reverse model.

Popularity of readers is excessive!

somewhat extra
I’m wondering if there was one other strategy to say it…
I felt that there was a spot between notion, recognition, and data of SNS.

I may nonetheless perceive the spoilers by pasting screenshots, nevertheless it’s unreasonable to not give my impressions till the paper comes out.

self-made extremity

At the time of the uproar, he mentioned, “If you do that, nobody will have the ability to tweet your ideas.
It’s going to get out of the way in which,” I believed, nevertheless it turned out precisely as I anticipated…

In the top, I did not know “how much spoiler impressions would be”…
Well, it is solely pure that there are lots of people who do not know that it is nonetheless happening…

Kinnikuman 81 (Jump Comics Digital)

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Kinnikuman Jump vol.4 “40th Anniversary of Anime Broadcasting” Commemorative Issue (Jump Comics DIGITAL)

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