Kingdom Tails Cookie – Will it be back?

Promotional events in mobile gaming are common and they Cookie Run: Kingdom Tails recipe is an example of that. Sonic’s best friend is one of the most hidden gadgets in the exciting gacha game, and this guide will go through all the key details you need to know about it!

In this Cookie Run: Kingdom guide we will examine whether Tails returns to the game to coincide with the launch of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. We will also see a general compilation guide for the Tails cookie which gives you the best covers to use and an appearance, your unique ability.

In other areas of the Cookie Run realm, see our Cookie Run: Kingdom level list to see which cookies are most effective as a player. We also have a list of JcJ levels to help you in competition modes and include a guide to creating drowned cookies to run the latest new cookies in the game.

Despite Sonic the Hedgehog 2 having all the entertainment titles at the moment, it does not appear that the Tails recipe goes back to Cookie Run: Kingdom. There is nothing on the social media channels in the game to suggest that a victory will come with the new film, and as such, we should assume that Sonic and his golden friend will be in the pool.

So we can hope that Tails will have a repeat of Cookie Run: Kingdom one day. At the moment, it looks like without a doubt that the exaggeration behind Sonic’s new movies will be sold out, and there will be no promotional incentive based on cookies.

Best cake run: Kingdom Tails construction and coatings

There is one main ingredient we recommend using if you already have Tails in Cookie Run: Kingdom. It will help improve your weakness and make it a little more effective in combat. Do not be a useful fighter in the first place!

The topping that works best with Tails is Searing Raspberry. It is considered to be the best addition to the game in its set, so what is not surprising is that it will appear in this version of Tails. In a few words, it gives a big boost to your attack statistics, making the offensive moves a little more powerful.

Tails is not one of the strongest strikers in the game since the beginning, taking on the role of Emboscada instead of being an absolute striker. As such, the use of burning raspberries is a useful impulse.

Like all the chefs in Cookie Run: Kingdom, Tails has a unique skill that is only available to him. This exclusive move does not work for any other person, so if you have Tails, you will definitely want to know what makes it special.

The Tails skill movement is aptly called Tails’ Spin Dash. It works in the same way as Sonic’s special feature, in that they both roll into a ball and are pushed towards the enemies. The only difference is that Tails ‘Spin Dash increases teammates’ defensive stats instead of their attacks. There is a recovery period of 17 seconds, but considering that it inflicts 202.5% damage, it is definitely worth the wait.

That’s all for our guide to Tails in Cookie Run: Kingdom! While you wait for Sonic’s yellow friend to show up, you can consult our Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes for some results and our Ingredients Guide to help him configure his attack equipment.

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