Killer Bundle XI offers you 10 games for only 5.09 euros

Fanatican online store with more than 50 million official provider keys for users in more than 200 countries has launched the Killer Bundle XI, a Bundle that is interesting enough to offer 10 indie games for a price of 5.09 €. The price of all games without any type of offer is € 161.89.

Complete list of Killer Bundle XI games

You can click on each of the games to watch the trailer without going to You Tube.

The technomancer

Among the games that could stand out and that are already paying the price, there is no doubt The technomancer. A role-playing game and science fiction game, launched in June 2016, takes place on Mars and offers gamers a dynamic battle and a pretty decent story where the choices we make will directly affect the fate of the red planet. We want to be a technician, a warrior who takes advantage of it electricity as a weapon ofdestruction. Let us discover the argumentative plot as we face the dangers that will surround the planet. Changeable creatures will not be missed. The game is exclusively in Spanish.

Towards the sky

A classic from 2015, also in Spanish, that tells us the story of the tower of heaven. A game of adventure and action in the third person that offers us to collect all the crystals to connect the story, and everything is revealed when the princess reaches the top level. If you like Platform Puzzles, the game is characterized by its mix of puzzles, action and adventure. Relaxing tone, cheerful style, adventurous but with quiet music, simple controls and combat.

Hive Jump

Games from 2017 that offer fiction science, platforms and collaborative games with 1 to 4 players with rogue-like elements. This is not in Spanish, but here you should send the sticks and not the lyrics.

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