[Kamige]The official game “JR East Train Simulator” by JR East will be released on Steam! An ultra-realistic railway driving simulation using live-action footage!

JR East to release “Official Train Sim” on Steam. “JR East Train Simulator” Early Access Distribution Starts on September 20 – AUTOMATON

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East Japan Railway Company (JR East) released the Steam store page for “JR EAST Train Simulator” on September 2nd.

Scheduled to start early access distribution on September 20th. Screenshots and videos are available on the store page.

“JR East Train Simulator” is a railway driving simulator published by JR East itself. In this work, the player runs a railway vehicle as a driver on the actual railway line of JR East.

This work is scheduled for early access distribution, and the first version is “Hachiko Line (Kiha 110 series) going up, between Takasaki and Kuragano” and “Keihin Tohoku Line (E233 series 1000 series) southbound, between Omiya and Urawa” ” can run.

In addition, this work has been developed using a commercial simulator used by JR East for crew training.

The scenery seen from the driver’s seat uses high-definition footage of the JR East train line. Sounds that can be heard from trains and tracks are also recorded using actual trains.
In addition to changing the format of the instrument panel for each vehicle, it seems to be characterized by the official attention to detail, such as operating faithfully according to the operation in the same way as the actual vehicle.

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Go by train!Exceeding JR official

GO on the first generation PS train!I wish I could use Akekon

I want Hokkaido too

I will definitely buy this
Surprised to see JR East coming to Steam

I want it to come out on Switch

I wonder what the price will be…

Is it possible to battle with Toritetsu?

I came to GO on a serious train by JR official www
This is a god game for train lovers
Yaruo so CAR

It’s time for JR to release games on Steam… Let’s all buy a gaming PC
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Go by train!! Hashiro Yamanote Line – Switch

Release date: 2021-03-18
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Category: Video Games
Sales Rank: 583
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